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Where are you right now

...and how does it look like?

I am in the midst of taking College Classes for an End of Life Care and Support Certificate Program. One of our assignments, in my Ageism Course, was to look at our age right now, and our path forward. The below, while course work, came through me to be shared.

We are indeed in the new Paradigm, and our lives, although similar to the old, are not the same anymore. Have you been getting this taste of the new? Has your life's path opened up wider for you? Is your new assignment showing up?

Being in this new Paradigm also means that our old missions are done. Those missions, which we carried over from lifetimes after lifetimes into the next. There is a whole new vibration here, on this Planet Earth #2, and new vibrations equals new assignments, purposes and missions. Those will not be placed in front of us like one big heap of work, but rather they will come to us slowly, bit by bit. Don't wait for this one big thing to show up, to pull you forward. Just respond to the smaller things that are already placed in front of you.

Most importantly, as can be found in my writing below, I wish for you all to encompass joy again, wonder, magic, and a sense of excitement. We have been incredibly weary in the past years. So many lifetimes of such hard work, and seemingly no end to it. This truly is the new. Allow yourself to become enthusiastic again. We need that energy for this new world creation! So very much. I am always here to connect with you for a session. More info to be found on my main page

May you find yourself in the below, and may your unique creation arise from it.


When people ask me how old I am, I have to stop and think and count from my birth year to the now year. My age is fluent for me. Yet, when I tune into my now, the 48 years I carry, I love that I can see a whole new path in front of me. I have all my tools from past experiences in my knapsack, I have walked a whole lot so far, and there were times I thought my road might be at its endpoint.

However, since the beginning of this year, close to my December birthday, I have realized that it was just the beginning of a bright and shiny new path. I am excited to step onto it fully, bringing with me the wisdom and experiences of my fully lived 48 years. It might be a new path, but I am not starting over. I feel like I am in my second incarnation, while being in one life experience.

The best thing for me is that I feel excited again; there is a new kind of zest in my day. I have felt weary for many years, but that is gone. It looks different, this passion for life. Gentler, kinder, and more compassionate, to myself and the world around me. I can’t quite see what exactly this is, this new kind of Kassia life, I only get bits and pieces, little tastes of it. They are yummy and I am looking forward to more to come. Nitty gritty, I am creating my life in this new to me town, my client work has a whole different essence to it, school is an opener to more, entrepreneurship is widening. It’s a good age, this 48 years of being here. We were asked to post a photo us right and a poem. Not necessarily a self made poem, but the below just came through so effortlessly. The photo is from last weekend. So me, and so me right now. Playful in the woods, the silver crown (letting my grey grow out), happy in the moment.


Sometimes I’m seven

Enthralled by the butterfly's path hopping over sticks and stones

big grin on my face the world is still ripe

with magic

around every corner.

Sometimes I am onehundrendandtwentyone Carrying the wisdom

of my ancestors

the Universe God Essence

in my speech

on my shoulders

and in my eyes. Never really am I fourtyeight

The age assigned to me right now and

by incarnation personification.

For who really ever

is the age their birthdate says

when we are

being re-born every moment

and re-living every moment and re-creating ourselves

at any given moment? I am the Maiden enchanted by new beginnings the Mother

fertile with creation

the Crone

who selflessly dies

to the new.

All in one and

one in every moment

but mostly

I am Love.


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