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2022 is all about Union

Romantically, friendships, business

2020 - moving within, taking away all outer distraction to assist in cultivating self empowerment and inner authority

2021 - taking away all that is not in harmonious resonance with this new way of being

2022 - bringing together souls to form Unions that vibrate harmoniously together. Strengthening the self, the tribe, the collective and the universe through those new mergings of souls (or strengthening even more the ones who already vibrate harmoniously together)

We had to get unlinked first, standing alone to re-member ourselves (2021) Wherever we sought out the old and familiar or where others tried to relink with us who weren't in our alignment the Universe stepped in and cut those links. Not easy as I have heard from many and also experienced myself (2021)

2022 - fusion of energies between souls who vibrate on similar/same tones creates a strong and unbreakable bond.

Welcome to this New Year

Whatever it brings, know you will been shown your new linkups.

Open yourself and your heart to those new connections.

Wherever you are closed down and inaccessible due to old woundings, fears, and all, know this is a whole new ball game. Invite any work in that assists you in being open and accessible to the new connections that the Universe has in store for you.

Yet, be in the highest discernment to whom you allow into your personal space. Allow the Universe to guide you in this and also know that you practiced enough in the past two years to FEEL who is in your harmonic resonance and who’s sound is not part of your orchestra. Tune in to be in tune with this glorious Universe.

I love you so much!


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