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A little check in - plus your texts might not come through - email me instead

Hello beautiful Souls. I hope that all of you are doing well in all ways imaginable and possible. I feel that we are already on that downward slope, but let's see what the near future shows. When I check the news it sure does not sound like it but I trust my feelings and inner knowing over what I read in the news. It surely feels more peaceful, calm, and also like a new opening. Perfect for Easter time.

Here is what I wrote on fb on Easter in the past few years. Small little nuggets.

Happy Resurrection Day.

If the religious part of today is not your thing, how about asking yourself simply what this day could mean for you on a soul development level, individually and collectively.

What had to died, needed to be burned in the ashes, left behind on the cross of life? And what is rising out of the ashes, brand shining spanky new? I sure can think of a few things in my life.

Time to soar my Friends, time to soar!

It is the hour to rend thy chains, the blossom time of souls. ~ Katherine Lee Bates

For my friends, celebrating Easter, and for my friends who don't: Today I am wishing you a blessed Resurrection Day♥. May our souls blossom like the bushes, trees and flowers outside.

I go with Edgar Cayce on this day. Life, Death, Crucification, and in the end, Resurrection is inside of all of us. Allowing this cycle, we emerge out of the grave, changed forever.

Everybody is crucified every moment, and each moment a new being arises in you, resurrects. It is a constant miracle. ~ Osho

Happy every day Resurrection.

On another note, I won't have cell service for a little while but do have wifi. Not all text come through on wifi. Please email me at rather than texting me. I am, as usually, available for sessions (calls work through wifi calling and other venues). Take good care of yourself, rest and relax a little longer. Soon enough we will be busy again. Love, Kassia

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