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A Message of Hope

On my way down from Portland to Sedona, and back up, Mt. Shasta came into my consciousness here and there. I thought I did not have time to visit that magical Mountain, but Mt. Shasta simply took that into its own hands.

On my way back to Portland I've put Ashland, OR into my GPS, contemplating again if a short trip to Mt. Shasta might be in the cards, but it would have taken me too far out of my planned trip home (not so much on the map, but in a personal way very much so).

Ashland it is then!

On the way there, Mt. Shasta appeared larger and larger to my right side. It caught me by surprise because according to my planned trip, Mt. Shasta should have been about 2 hours away from me. Yet, closer it drew me to it, until I could not ignore the message any longer. At first to my right side, and while I was driving, I asked the mountain to show itself to me one more time, so I can take a photo before driving past it. That is when he stood majestically before me, allowing me to take the photo above. How close was Mt. Shasta really? 2 hours? That can't be....what is going on here?

Less than 30 min away. How did that happen? I have no idea, Mt. Shasta carries the secret to how he/she did that.

Mt. Shasta it is then!

The experiences I had there were out of this world.

Butterflies by the thousands.

I drove up Mt. Shasta and the mountain was covered in thousands of Butterflies. The whole way, butterflies in masses. On top, same. Thousands all over the mountain.

Now, Mt. Shasta is one of the 7 Chakras of Earth. The Crown.

Can you see how powerful this message is?

It used to be the Root Chakra btw, but now set into its rightful place, as so many things, especially the sacred feminine. Another story perhaps another time.

I sat in meditation, and sat in an energy I have never seen and felt before. So glorious I was wondering how I was still able to sit upright. I asked what this is.


In its purest form.

We have collectively moved through nearly all the chakras.

The 6th being Truth, the 7th Grace.

We are in both. The truth part isn’t all easy, but keep standing in it! We need that big time. Grace is heaven on Earth, in its truest sense.

We are not in the timeline of doom and gloom, no matter what seems to flutter around us. It’s only going to get brighter from here.

If it’s still hard to see, let this most high vibe spiritual mountain, and the butterfly messengers tell you.

The crystal was gifted to me by a bright, light-filled, and spiritual powerful Couple, on Mt. Shasta. It was sourced in Sedona, made its way all the way up to the top of Mt. Shasta, and found its way to me. Our (re)-connection, the two glorious souls and I, was perfectly orchestrated by Mt. Shasta. What an energy, and most important work, both carry! Thank you C. and T. for being here on Planet Earth!

The crystal feels like an energy amplifier. Always beaming love. Whooosh 💖🙏💖

You are loved, you are cherished.

As always, you can find me here to book a comprehensive, intuitive session with me.

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