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A Year Ago

I wrote the below one year ago to the date. It's been quite a journey for all of us. Self-empowerment came in many different forms for each person. Each individual's journey, growth and development has been received by the Collective. Strengthening and uplifting all of us. Changing us forever. Not everyone came with; some chose to stay in the lower octave of fear. Lower octave, higher octave - it all becomes the perfect melody when played out together. We get to choose how to journey through our lives, which vehicle support and what kind of engine power we want to have. All is well and perfect in the bigger picture. Gentle, loving, kind. To each other and the self. No need to tug, and fight, and save. Allow where one wants to be. Walk your sacred path. All is well in the bigger picture of this play of life. Allow! March 2020 'Although it is a collective experience it is such a personal journey right now.

Inner self and outer collective nucleus are being separated without actually being separate - to show us our Self.

With clients and friends and self I have seen that this virus experience has a theme. To call each one into self responsibility and accountability.

Responsibility for what might rise up, responsibility for what still asks for healing, responsibility for what our lives ask of us, responsibility to our sweet beautiful selves.

No more dumping that work onto others - "support me, heal me, lift me up, I feel bad, make me feel better, hold my hand, be there for me." We can GUIDE each other but we all are now walking our paths alone for a little while. When we meet on that collective path again, our connections will have a different kind of interdependency.

We will meet each other from a place of a more solid inner authority. Self-empowered we then create the new together. Can you feel it?

Be good to yourself and be good to others. Have compassion for yourself and have compassion for others. Be kind to yourself and be kind to others. Love on yourself like you are the last person on Earth, and then love all the ones who are here with you.'

I love you all so very much.

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