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All is well

No matter how much it might seem like it - we are not on the doom and gloom timeline.

It does play out somewhere, yes, but not where you reside.

You might feel it, but we are not asked to live it.

Really, deeply, past your own fear vibrations, listen to what Iran did there.

It separated the US people from the leader (did you read that!?), it pushed back to make a point (actions have consequences), yet purposely with as little harm as possible.

So, don't get distracted.

Carry on with your creations.

Those creations are the very building blocks of this bright and expansive timeline that we are on.

This is the new paradigm.

Don't put the new into old and familiar boxes.

It does not do service to what is truly showing up right now. Open your eyes and heart to the truth.

Even a former adversary says "I am love". Listen with your heart wide open to the song of this New World vibration.


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