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Become the New Year

Look not for refuge to anyone besides yourselves. ― Buddha Shakyamuni

2020, more than any other year, has shown us that the only thing that we have authority over is ourselves.

Showing up for 2021 fully each moment so we can respond to each moment of those full moments that come our way...

...that's empowerment!

Not seeking power over outside circumstances, the things that come and go, ebb and flow, but rather to seek to be present for ourselves and the path in front of us.

Outer projection onto a new year turned into inner in-light-enment. The light placed where it is meant to be.

May we become solid light pillars for this 2021 and beyond. Shining, glowing and ever growing from the inside outwards into the world. This way a new collective becomes manifest. A new way that far surpasses hopes and wishes placed onto one new year.

Become the New Year! Blessed 2021 Love always and in all ways


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