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Energetic Fireworks

Energy report:

Yesterday I just wanted to jump out of my skin. Super duper collective discombobulated energies, unsettling, rattling. Let like all my Atoms were in disarray.

It took me a lot to find, and move, and stay, in/into my inner solid place.

Grateful for my friends and family yesterday, when I needed to "unload" a little.

The Collective has been on an anxiety ride. Not easy to not be pulled onto that ride as well.

Today, I am hearing of more outer manifestations. Earthquake in CA, friends and clients telling my of "outbursts", especially of their children.

Whew, deep breath.

Make sure you don't take on the Collective energies (which are a LOT) thinking it is ALL your own. Take responsibility for what is your own, things you can still fine-tune, shift and set into its rightful place. Be gentle with it and yourself. Remove yourself from drama swirls as much as possible. Revisit the issues/challenges sometime the end of this week, just not today. Shift explosive, volatile energy into a concentrated solid energy.

Calm isn't the word of the day. To seek to move into calmness might be a big stretch.

Solid, inner knowing of our essence and truth...step into that.

I have a feeling come Saturday, it's all going to be a different energy again, one that is much easier to navigate.

As always, you can find me here to book a comprehensive, intuitive session with me.

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