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Finally we can breathe again

Sky Beings are always with us. Feathers are grand messengers. Taken on the way to Sacred Montezuma Well in Sedona

Energy report

We've all been feeling and experiencing a lot these past days/weeks. Such intense energies swirling around. Holy Macaroni!

Big stuff, so much processing, rearranging, realigning. Whew.

I hardly ever read the news, not because I don't want to know, but because I feel it anyways, and I don't need to read or listen to the dramatic ways it is being presented. Upheaval, suffering, grief. It's been felt personally and collectively. Yet, somehow, not ours. My Brother, Thorsten, brought this up and it got me thinking.

Around us, hearing of it, feeling it, but was it actually truly your upheaval, your suffering, your drama? I want to leave that question, not assuming about your personal life, but as a contemplation for your path.

On my path, there has been a lot of intense energy, from neighbors, town stuff, to friends, to upstairs upheaval, encroaching into my physical and emotional space. But also a calm and peace within myself, a most amazing road and soul journey to Sedona and back, with most love and light filled experiences. Just because quite a lot was pushing into my energetic field, did not mean it was a representation of MY life and where I am actually at. Huge to realize that.

Also, I have gotten quite a lot of feedback from my last blog post about Projection. I am so grateful to have gotten a most kind and compassionate insight about that subject, with a way to have boundaries nevertheless. Thank you for the feedback in that regard. It seems to be a collective theme right now. Understandably so, seeing what projection really is. A yearning of one's soul for relief and healing (in a tiny nutshell).

Nevertheless, personal or not, there has been so much to hold, once again, for so many. I can only imagine how that looked like for all of you. Thank you for all that you do. You are seen, acknowledged, and highly appreciated by this whole Universe.

Now it is finally easing off, can you feel it?

A few weeks ago I posted about the portals, the rollercoaster ride, the opening and widening. Happy dance, for it is here, now.

Remember, this was not stepping into a timeline of despair. Those were a few weeks of intensity because collectively it was decided that we need a major quickening. Big difference. We needed it. The dingle dangling around was just not working anymore. A bit of cleaning up, sweeping through, but mostly creating, building, new missions, stepping into, unknotting, liberating - that's the energy now. The widening of the path, slowly but surely. Not a big hooray, here we are, sunshine and butterflies (although - sooooo many butterflies ;)), but rather a gentle, yet assured expansion in all things Earth and Spirit. Release, real - ease I feel like we are all finally able to take one big collective deep breath.

Hallelujah. Now, what do you have cooking? Let's get cracking :), joyfully so.

As always, you can find me here to book a comprehensive, intuitive session with me.

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