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GoFundMe Update, TY, and a Request


Update on GoFundMe and how even this GoFundMe is me being in my work :) - if you know me you would say “but of course!” ;)

Receiving my highest gratitude!

and why forwarding my GoFundMe to others could possibly be a gift going both ways - from Donor to Kassia and Kassia to Donor.

Thank you for reading:

Although I have thanked all of you, who donated so incredibly generously, personally I want to give a huge shout out to you All with a resounding THANK YOU!

Your generous donations have allowed me to take a breather for a moment, to regroup and to step into my creative brain again. It’s quite challenging to think about how to generate income in new and creative ways when being so busy surviving.

I am not quite there yet to buy a van that is reliable and is my home for years to come but thanks to you all and of course with my own income, I am getting closer.

I had to dip a little into the donations for crucial necessities such as a used but better phone that doesn’t shut off if not plugged in and the ability to download apps for new creations ;), travels to OR where I have a great summer opportunity for less rent with a mix of cooler car camping (than AZ), car-living/car-camping items which will go into the van, and a much needed doctor's visit and meds.

Although my emotional health has been better than in many years, my physical health took a big nosedive last year and I am so glad and grateful to know what's going on and to have a prescription and plan to get back to a healthy baseline. I tried to rough it out and also go the natural route but am glad to have been looked at thoroughly and to have much needed help now. Thank you!!!

Life is good, it always has been, but now it is easier to be in my purpose again and I envision myself either being in my Van or having a live-in trailer (my car can’t pull one but I will see what is possible) by September.

Might I ask ever so kindly to forward this fundraiser to some awesome people if it calls you?

I have been in personal contact with most people who have donated so far.

These contacts have opened up much needed conversations/question answered for the Donor and brought guidance to many from my end.

I am in my work in all ways, even with this GoFundMe, which is the point of why I put up the GoFundMe .

Who knows, maybe by you forwarding my GoFundMe, it assists a special Soul on their path in effect?

May we all thrive in every aspect of life.

Thank you!

I love you all so much.

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