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Golden's Nugget

I often write brief, contemplative posts on Facebook, and want to bring those to my blog posts, to you, my awesome subscribers.

Most people call me Golden or Kassia Golden nowadays. A name that Sedona asked me to carry some months ago. It is quite a fun name to have. People light up when hearing it. Names have vibrations, and the Golden-name-vibration seems to be a beautiful heart opener. From there "Golden's Nugget" arose quite organically.

Golden's Nugget are, as all of my posts, insights that flow through me. The Universe pours it in, and I write it out.


Today's Golden Nugget:

It's a fine line to walk between assumption and instinct.

Assumption is consciously taking on something as a truth.

Instinct is an involuntary impulse.

Assumption is self driven.

Instinct is a prompting from the Universe. 

Have you ever wished you would not have stepped so quickly into assumptions?

Have you  ever wished you would not have listened to your instincts?

See the difference?

On this thin line between assumption and instinct, the Universal knowing always overrides the mind knowing.

Assumption is the desire to keep oneself safe from an assumed danger.

Instinct is the desire of the Universe to keep you safe from actual trouble. 

Drop assumptions, but listen to your instincts. Always.

For the mind has, quite naturally, only its best interest in mind.

The Universe though - know it got you!

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