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Happy Blessed New Us

I entered the New Year sick.

Haven't felt this sick in years. So many downloads, upgrades, realignments, so many intense energies. So much swirling around. So much to integrate.

It was a most beautiful beginning of this New Year.

Because I did not - push through, closed myself off, dismissed my body, disempowered my body's alarm system, powered past and bypassed a dis-ease.

I did not become the proud warrior over my body, fighting off a dis-ease.

I invited more gentleness in, more softness. I also invited supportive ER medicine and supportive Kambo medicine in. All in balance and all in perfect interplay.

I surrendered, but actively so. Surrendering is active not passive.

For this is the new way of being in the flow of life. Surrendering to what is and what wants to be, yet holding the reigns of you own life's creation.

More than just dis-ease showed up on this cusp of an old and new decade. Not all easy stuff. A bit like being tumbled around in a wash machine.

Through it, realizations about life, about vulnerability, about my needs, about boundaries and inviting in, about knowing and feeling out what is good and healthy for me and what isn't anymore.

Once more. And all welcomed so deeply.

I guess that work never ends, this internal cleansing and shedding and healing and realigning.

Holding you all in gentle embrace.

Be loving and kind with yourself and with those beautiful vessels of yours.

I love you all so very much.

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