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How to use this Full Moon Energy

This morning the gorgeous Mule Deer (I assumed it was an Elk, but it is beautiful Deer Medicine) in the photo below walked up the road, right in front of my window. Leisurely, in broad daylight, on the asphalt road. When I went out to get one more photo of it, it was gone, seemed to have just vanished into thin air. I still don't quite know its specific message for me but it sure felt profound, since this is such a big Full Moon energy today.

There is a lot written about this Moon online, especially since this 12/12 Moon was at its peak at 12:12am est. I have been feeling it for days ahead, and even more so today, although, just like with the Elk, I wasn't quite sure of its message. While talking to a client just now, I got a beautiful image of the energies at hand and how to utilize them.

This Full Moon is like a cauldron, a large round, indented disk, that can hold all of your wishes for the 2020 to come. What do you want to place into it? Choose wisely and make it count, for the Solar Eclipse on the 26th of this month will propel this disk, by the way of the eclipse portal, into YOUR 2020. Today feels like a new year, make a wish, or many. Set your intention, get aligned with your 2020, with how you envision it. The 26th will bring it from the past decade over into the new.

I have done quite a few 2020 New Year Readings and there is one theme that keeps showing up. People will not recognize themselves anymore come mid 2020 (compared to 2019 and past years before that). The old decade isn't just gone because of the date itself, it is also an old spiritual decade, meaning an energy is leaving and a whole new one is taking its place. This will be felt personally and collective at once. The Fool is showing up in many of the readings that I have done. He is the very first card of the Tarot, the new beginning. He carries a little knapsack with him, but nothing else. So, yes, make your wishes, set your intentions, let the eclipse propel it all into your 2020 but be very clear and precise about it all. Keep only what truly serves you for this new decade to come, and invite only in what you actually want to carry with you into this New Year.

Go all out but don't get all overly spiritually fluffy. That might sound nice and highly spiritual and looks good on paper, but the Universe will just shake its head, sigh, and wonder once again what Lisa meant when she wrote: "I want to be love for all," or what Prem is asking to move into when he said: "I want to be the Universe encompassed here on Earth." Fem also didn't quite got her point across with: "I am open to all that my higher self is asking for," and "I am gratitude in all the abundance that comes to me." *smiles* Yah, let's not do that anymore. We are here to build tangible New World creations, and everyone plays a solid role in that.

I used to have pages of intentions. In the years they got whittled down to 4 core intentions, hopes, wishes and goals. Those that have been a red thread in my life for many years in the past. What are yours, those things that are your soul's yearnings, the goals you have set again and again, the wishes and desires that will serve you in the years to come? Write those out, word it like it already is so, keep it short, then allow the 26th to send it off in warp speed through that portal, and joyfully walk into the next year.

What you think we are, as a collective, in 2020 and beyond, that image is changing big time. Same for yourself. Watch out world, for there is a new Collective in town. We are glorious, beautiful, creative, abundant, loving, caring, kind, expansive, compassionate, substantial, and more.

I had the above posted card sitting on my desk for many years now. It is a reminder for me to never compromise the messages that flow though me. There is more to that card but that's another story another time.

While looking for a Full Moon picture to include here, the card caught my attention. Couldn't be any more perfect than this, including the full moon that is floating above her palm. Envision your 2020 like it's already here, then envision the Collective vision. And so be it.

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