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Is it your Storm?

Yesterday evening a storm was brewing.

We have an almost 360 view where we are camped at. Dark clouds, thunder, strong winds picked up. We took care of all the moving pieces, put stuff that shouldn't get wet away...and waited. The storm blew over, the sun came out, and best of all - the storm never touched down on where we were.

This was not our storm!

Yesterday was a weird kind of day. Washing clothes, buying food, getting water in a town where drug use was palpable around every corner. Sadness in the air. An uncomfortable electrical charge that came through while sitting at the lake, and also in texts and emails yesterday.

I felt pulled into many different directions. My center was wobbly and I decided to unplug. Self care, nourishing, a yummy dinner and dessert, a movie, an early night - rather than attending to this energy swirl.

It was not our storm.

Tending to the swirl around us can often make us feel in control, in charge of this off-charge. Growing up in unhealthy ways can bring that out in us. Becoming the discharge for other people's upheaval equals safety for us. An angry Mother is not a safe haven for a little child, nor is an anxious Father. So we learn to control the weather at home to guarantee a safe environment. For a child, safety = survival.

As a grown up I am practicing to not trying to control other people's weather while knowing that I am safe no matter the weather around me.

The storm blew over ever so gently. It was there for a moment until we tended to our belongings, making sure all is tied down and safe from downpours. It left so tenderly, we didn't realize it was gone until we saw the glow of the evening sun on the mountains.

Recognize when it's not your storm. Take care of your precious inner parts, nurture yourself, unplug from the charge, and most importantly, be gentle with yourself. You are safe now, for you are the grown up one who takes care of that sweet little one now.

Be good to yourself first, and then be good to others.


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