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July, what's up with you?!

Can you feel it? There is an intensity to July, an energy to it, that seems quite different than the intense energies we are used to from the past.

What's going on? When I tune into energy reports, they often, not surprisingly, correlate with astrological events. With it though, I get a an additional "picture", going a little deeper into the occurrences around us.

We started on a ride, at the end of June. I couldn't quite understand the vision I got, until I had my own aha moment. We are bending time right now, to create a quickening of forward movement. Wow!

As you often hear me say, we ARE in the 5D, we are not moving towards it anymore, we are not ascending, nor upgrading. Those are concepts that I still hear people talk about, and when they encounter energies such as in this month, they mistakingly teach that those energies are upgrades, about letting go, burning what does not belong anymore, etc.

That is not what this is about. We are in the new and it is all about expansion and creation.

We are building this new matrix Hologram called Planet Earth #2. It is in large part still a construction site, and here were are, feverishly working on getting it up and running. There is a collective need to quicken that and hence, here we are, experiencing a most intense July energy.

July 2nd was the first portal we went through, July 16th with be the second. Those two dates correlate with Eclipses, yet there is a third date that I got, which is July 26th.

Now, how des that look and feel like for us? First of all, I got this vision that we are not on a linear trajectory, but rather, we are bending time to move through all of this MUCH quicker. See photo.

The first is an incorrect assumption, the linear portals. The second, at the bottom, is what is truly going on.

Can you imagine how exhilarating, yet also very taxing this is on all of us? We are on this exciting ride, were we already went at warp speed through the first portal (July 2nd). We got spit out of that first one, feeling that we can somewhat relax and breath again, at least for a brief moment.

Don't unstrap yourself prematurely, keep holding on to your seatbelt, people, because the second one will be even more intense (July 16th). It will have a whole different flavor than the first one. July second was all about the heart, July 16th will be all about grounding into this new Earth Matrix. One about emotions, one about the nitty gritty anchoring. One about flowing without a seeming direction, the other about hands in the dirt, nose to the grindstone.

But hold up, just when you think that we are done, here comes the third portal. July 26th, again, has it's own flavor. I call it the big squeeze. It feels like a needle point, tiny, tense, a very narrow tunnel. There is nothing to do but to relax into it. For here comes the glorious opening...

Oh I wish you could all see what I see. After that big squeeze, the most intense, but very brief one, we will get spit out into this shiny, even more light filled, more abundant, super bright, and widening worldly energy. Things from here on out will be easier to navigate. We will feel it collectively, but also very deeply personally. Like hitting the "easy" button again and again. Perhaps expecting more challenges, and realizing "wow, that was easy", in just about every aspect of your life.

More Souls will be brought together, as in romantically, and whomever is already bonded, it will also become much more harmonious. Your own path around your mission will widen expondetially, and things are simply flowing more effortless.

We could have gone the longer path, one that would not be so incredibly intense, but collectively a decision was made that the quickening HAS to happen, and it needs to be now. With that quicker choice comes rumbling and shaking (Earthquakes), surges in energy (flooding), and ignitions (fires) due to the intensity of those energies rubbing together most intensely.

We will be ok! Extrem, intense, overwhelming at times, for some even agonizing, oh yes, but also exhilarating, forward movement, wider openings, aha moments, homecoming ( in self and purpose), more more more...and more :).

Strap yourself in, there is more to come. Don't seek the calm within, that's is not what is called for right now. Be fully in (not "on") this ride, not just sitting on the sidelines, removed to feel "safe".

Stand in the knowing of who you are, strongly so. The energies are not you, they are the ride itself. Don't make it about you, wondering what you still "have to learn", "let go off", etc. Nothing! All you have to do is to be steadfast in yourself. That is where the stability can come in, the grounding, the unfaltering, the solid energy, the constant through it all. This is how you are able to endure this pretty intense ride right now. much easier. Breathe into you. I am glad we made THIS choice. We can't keep going on the way it is right now. We have to move a bit faster.

I love you all so very much.

As always, you can find me here to book a comprehensive, intuitive session with me.


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