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An understanding to who we are

You heard me say more than once before: "We are not in the doom and gloom timeline". How to then make sense out of what is transpiring around us? I often still withhold writing deep spiritual stuff on public posts such as this one, only sharing certain things I see intuitively one-on-one with people, but I keep hearing from those people that more need to know this, so here it goes. It is easiest to read this from the beginning through. If you pull out sentences in the middle the rest won't make much sense since the explanation is done in a sequence. English is my second language, forgive grammar or typo mistakes. Thanks.

As some of you know, in 2010 I died and came back with a gift of seeing just about everything a client/friend needs and wants me to see. This "seeing" includes a seeing of our structure of life, the way we live here, who we are, where we come from, who is an Earthling, who is not, etc. etc., I often see misconceptions and misteachings (especially in the spiritual community) and in my work I set them into their rightful places.The below is a knowing, a seeing I have had for many years, and I have tried to write it out in a longer version, but have not been able to bring it cohesively together yet. This is the very short version of the "New Paradigm Manifesto"; for now sharing only what needs to be shared so we can make sense of our experiences right now. The story is simplified, purposely. Dimensions, planetary experiences, etc, all of it is way more complex, but my guidance always comes in simple forms, which usually make more sense than the whole drawn out complex version. Some parts read like a children book, purposely so. Simplicity and truth go hand in hand. Why am I not afraid with this virus experience, not afraid about the world coming to an end?

Because I know where I live.

We are on Planet Earth Number 2.

This is the Planet of all things good, not all things going down the drain. That would be Planet Earth Number 1. Lots of awful thing are happening there, yet all we get here on Earth 2 are the spin-offs of whatever transpires on Earth 1. Let me start from the beginning and explain this whole play that we are in. It all started with the Oneness. It simply was everything and nothing at once. Zero experience. Just existence itself. Wanting to have experience it split itself into many many different things, from planets, to trees, to animals, to souls, to... ...Dimensions, so The Play can play out, souls getting their experiences, the Oneness having something to do :). We live on a 12 layered cake. Picture that, cut right through the middle, where you can view the cake layers and the buttercream layers from the front. Those are the main dimensions. There are many more Dimensions way past the 12D, yet we don't really have much of a concept, shape or name for those layers, and therefor my talk will be about the 12 layers for now. That's really all that is important for our experience. The 3rd layer from the bottom up houses one planet and one planetary experience. Souls who wanted that experience are called Earthlings, and their home is Planet Earth. They have quite an interesting role to play, one no one else in the other layers were asked to play (aside from the Pleiadians, but that story comes later). Roles have been assigned from the very beginning, and there is no flip flopping between one role or another. That is important to know. You are not an Earthling in one incarnation, and a 11D Soul in another. Nothing higher or lower is better or worse, it is simply a role to play. In the beginning and end there is Oneness, where we all originate from but for now, we are playing in this theater called "Oneness Experiencing Itself". Pulling everyone into that Oneness too fast is dismissing the Play. No fun to be had up there in this everythingness and nothingness. It just IS. Enjoy The Play! We have other Souls who's home is different than Planet Earth. There are the ones who live in the 7D, such as Sirius people on Planet Sirius, Pleiadians on a Planet that belongs to the Pleiadian Constellation, 9D has some more Pleidaians (again, another story for another time), also some Draconians, 11D houses the Planets where the Arcturians reside, the Andromedas, the Annunakis, etc. So far we have talked about homes in the 3rd Dimension, the 7th Dimension, the 9th, the 11th. What about the buttercream, those in-between layers? That is where the Mystical Creatures reside. Fairies, Gnomes, Sasquatch, Yeti, etc. That is also where the Shamans do their work, and where you go on some "trips", if you know what I mean... Every Planet looks different. Sirius looks very much like Planet Earth, but, as you can see, living a little higher on that cake, it is not as dense as Planet Earth. The further down you move on that cake the more dense the vibration. Some simple numbers to make sense out of vibrations and what that means in every day life.

3D vibrates at 400. 7D vibrates at 2000. 9D vibrates at 4000. 11D vibrates at 6000.

Planetary life can look very different even if two Planets are in the same Dimension. For example, our 11D Arcturians are very science and technology oriented. Quite an amazing Planet btw. They are our Master Healers, using frequencies and high vibe technology to shift our bodies into better alignments. And so, every Planet and their inhabitants are doing their own thing, having a good old time wherever there home is, building out their home, expanding further in their experiences, etc. The Earthlings though, they have a different role to play. So different in fact that many from other places are part of this whole awesome Earth experience, right here on Earth. It goes like this:

Earthlings have the task to move from a 400 vibration to a 1200. I am sure you have heard this many times, the Earthling language: "I am here, how do I get there? If I do this I will reach that. If I do...I will move to...". This all comes back to the simple concept of: 400 to 1200. Remember, every Soul chose what it wanted to experience. They are not "less", nor is any Non- Earthling more, we are just playing different role in this Play. Quite an amazing role the Earthlings are playing! Thank you Earthlings. In this Play, Souls from other planets were asked if they might want to assist this beautiful process. Who better to do that than Souls who vibrant at a 2000 (many many came down to assist), a 4000, or a 6000 vibration (less came from those's just such a long ways to go and a big squeeze into a more dense vibration). Non-Earthling language is NOT: "I am here, how do I get there. If I do more meditation/yoga/workshops whatnot then I will reach..." The Non-Earthling language is simply one of: "How can assist?" If they have incarnated many times onto Earth (because this process of 400 to 1200 has been going on for ages) they might mistakingly think they are Earthlings and use the Earthling language but that is simply incorrect. A 7D Soul will now live in a 400 (3D) vibration, on a 400 Planet, in a 400 body, but their soul! vibrates at a 2000, and nothing less nor more. Period! Thinking that they lower their vibration coming down here makes zero sense, for how can they then assist in this Earthling process from the 400 to the 1200? They might think they are now a Human, an Earthling, having an experience of Earthling living, but the truth is, they are simply here on a work assignment, bringing their expertise. You, right now reading this, you are 99.99% not an Earthling. You might come from the 7D, th 9D, the 11D, or even the 12D, and often from even higher places, briefly stopped at some of the 12 cake layers before coming all the way down to Earth but again, those are hard to name and shape with our limited language here. So stop questioning yourself. You Alien, here on Earth, on a Planet foreign to you, in a body that is quite tight, in a dimensional experience that is NOT YOUR HOME. Thank you for being here and thank you for playing YOUR role.

Pretending to be an Earthling, out of humbleness or thinking that is highly spiritual is doing this whole Play, the Earthlings, the Collective at large, a huge disservice. How can you assist when you pretend to be something you are not? Earthlings are saying: "Hey guys, can you come and assist here? Bring your expertise, we could use some help." And you come and then say: "Hey, I am just human like everyone else. Nothing special to see, no expert in anything, just coming here to learn and see how it feels to be a human." Yeah, no...that's not why you were asked to come here. Play your part please in this awesome Play of the Oneness experiencing itself. When the roles were assigned every soul chose which role to play. Don't flip flop on us now, thinking that makes you oh so humble. One more time, that serves no one. Also one more time, no one role is better or worse. In this Play, to make this even more fun, Earthlings got their helpers as mentioned, but they also got a date by when they reach this 1200 vibration. If there is no date, everyone would dingle dangle around until the end of times. No use in that, plus there is something else coming up after this date, a whole new experience.

On a quick side note: Free will: Earthlings: Move from your 400 to a 1200 or enjoy (truly!) where you are at. Non-Earthlings: Come down here and assist or stay home.

Back to the date: This date came in September 2015. But, not enough Earthlings were at the 1200 vibration and the whole Universe said: "No problem Earthlings, we can give an extension".

Two more dates were given and the last one was in June 2016. Boy, how busy everyone became kind of from 2010 onwards. Remember those times? More Souls from other places came in, and it became quite crowded here on Earth. Then, after 2016, after the work of 400 to 1200 was done (for now, but it is DONE) a lot of souls went back home,and are still going home as we speak. Also, a lot of new Souls are coming in that have never been on Earth.

Now, what about the Earthlings who reached the 1200? So many, Billions! In the bible, which btw has quite some interesting info in it, it says (paraphrased depending on the bible version): I make you a new Heaven and Earth. All things are made new. 

Did you realize, I left the 5D open? It was an empty spot for this new Earth creation, this new Planet Earth, this new home for the Earthlings who now vibrate at 1200. For this 5th Dimension vibrates at a 1200, the Planet does too, and so does the body. A new Earth. This does not mean Earth 1 is gone, nor does it mean Earth 1 ascended. Earth 1 is still where it always was, in the 3D. Welcome to the new Paradigm on Planet Earth 2.

Another misconception is that everyone here has "worked" themselves over, or has risen their vibration enough to now be here in the new paradigm. Not so. That is true for the Earthlings, they worked so hard on this. The Non - Earthlings were simply asked: "Hey you, you have been on Planet Earth 1 again and again. Want to have another assignment away from your home, on this new Planet called Earth 2?" "Sure", many said, but also...many went home. Many also stuck around for a few years to make sure all is up and running correctly (we are still somewhat on a construction site here on Earth 2) and are now saying: "You got this, I can go home now." The younger generations have often NEVER incarnated on Earth 1. This is their first rodeo away from their homes. Hence the little ones have no need to go home, and are not getting sick/dying with this virus experience. Nor are the ones who will stick around for their new missions. You see? No need for fear. For some this is a "home-going", for others a sticking around. There is nothing dire and awful in this. I, of course do not want to dismiss the experience grief causes when loved ones leave this Planet.

Thank you for having said yes once more. Yes to being here, albeit on a very new Planet. There is proof for that, that we are indeed not anymore on Planet Earth 1, but that is too much to get into right now.

There are still quite a few Earthlings on Planet Earth 1. They are NOT left behind. Each Earthling Soul made a choice to either live the 400 or the 1200 experience. ALLOW this. You have zero business on Earth 1 now. There is no one to "get from here to there", no raising any or anyone's vibrations (another misconception), no need to be there. Your new work assignment is here on Earth 2. We do however still, in parts, have consciousness of Earth 1 and of what is going on there, although we do NOT live there. This dual consciousness is the confusing part for many. The 400 Earth is going through some major upheaval. All of the prophecies are happening on that Earth 1 as we speak. All of them! Yet, they are not happening on Earth 2! It often feels like we are going downhill fast (Earth 1 consciousness) or getting better by the minute (Earth 2 consciousness). Again, we feel the ripple effects, but not the major upheaval. If some internet goes out (it might not even need to happen for us) it will only be the ripple effect of the 3 days of darkness on Earth 1. You can read up on that, a quite dire prophecy in Revelation and other places, but again, remember that is NOT happening here.

Earth 1 had a theme of Karma and with it forward movement (living life) and backwards movement (healing whatever transpired through living this life individually and collectively). That was our work for so long, but Earth 2 has a brand new theme. It is one of Creation and Expansion. No more forward and backwards but rather expanding outwards. How exciting! A whole new movement for all of us.

For the first time, all Non-Earthlings on Earth 2 are not asked anymore to heal (in small parts still but we are nearly done!) and it was never about uplifting themselves. To say it again, there is no uplifting of the self - if you are a Non-Earthling. That is not why you came here. You came to show the way with your vibration origin. Now that the 400 to 1200 is done there is also zero uplifting, no need to raise vibrations, for others. Done. Earthlings have arrived. Celebrate rather than being stuck in your old ways of assisting. Now you too, as a Non-Earthling are asked to find your own creation. That's is quite new for many. Let go of that old story of being here to heal and to raise vibrations. Step into this new calling, new mission, new purpose. 

Planet Earth 1 was all about Non-Earthlings needing to be there for everyone at any time. For at any time an Earthling could say: "Hey, I would like some assistance with this 400 to a 1200". You either worked with them, or you helped some Non-Earthlings to adjust to this foreign, dense 400 workplace. Planet Earth 2 is different. We do not need to be here for anyone at any time for this is not about being available when someone says: "I am ready." The 400 to 1200 is done for now. Practice discernment now. Earth 2, in addition, has a few different scenarios that we need to adjusting to in our work. There are Earthlings who now live on a whole different Planet (Earth 2). They want orientation. They might not speak the words that way but that is what they mean. "Orient me". Those are people who never wanted to have anything to do with yoga, health and well being ( just a few examples of many) and all for sudden ask you more about it. They also ask to have assistance in their creation. Look for that when they come to you. They are not asking you to help them in raising their vibration. Please don't disempower them by thinking that this is your role to play.  

The Non-Earthlings also need orientation. My write up is part of this. My work with clients one-on-one as well. Your work fits right in there. See how you can adjust it to this new theme. "Where are we and what are we called to do now? What is my new mission, what am I here to do now? I get to finally create, where to start, what to do?"

The most amazing thing though is that we took our bodies with us! Unheard of. We used to have to leave the body behind and then come into a new baby body or be a walk-in.! Can you imagine what this means for our 400 body that vibrates now at 1200? What an adjustment. Help us calibrate our bodies. Non-Earthling or Earthling, our bodies are now vibrating at a 1200. Those bodies went through the biggest expansion imaginable. Not everyone did well with this, as you might have seen. Many got very sick (I am not talking about this virus). Body workers, sound healers and such can help a lot with that.

In your work now, ask yourself those questions: "Is my client asking for calibration to this new vibration?" "Is my client asking for assistance in their creation?" This is what we are here for now in a nutshell (orientation, calibration, new creation) and your clients can be Earthlings and Non-Earthlings alike. 

Whatever transpires right now has a lower and higher octave to it. The virus, the governments, the upheaval, the staying at home, the whole thing... the higher octave is the 5D experience. Everything you are experiencing is meant to BUILT this Earth 2 out. To expand it, to fill in the walls and the bring in furnitures and all. Life as you have known it is truly gone, for that was Earth 1. The lower octave is playing out on Earth 1 and please please please, do not feel bad about that. That is misguided, unnecessary and totally not asked of you. Concentrate on this Earth for here is where you are! We need you here and we need your consciousness here. 

I have seen so often that someone says that the supermarket shelves are empty, and I go in and all is there that I need. One person tuned into the lower octave (dire times experienced) the other into the higher (everything needed is here right now). Do not get me wrong, I too am sometimes in panic mode especially when I read the news, and short term my consciousness is in the 3D (again, only my consciousness - it is not where I reside!). As soon as I remember where I am truly at, peace and calm comes over me. 

A few people asked me about the Darkness and I will explain. This part might not be for everyone but for the ones who need it is is so important. Bible stuff will come up, but please know that the truth of existence was here way before religion and just because they took some of the truth for their powers does not mean we should throw the baby out with bathwater. Again, super simplified. Oh do I wish you could all see what I see. I see all of you, where you are from, what you do you, all of it. You are sooooooo appreciated. In the bible, which btw has quite some interesting info in it, it says (paraphrased depending on the bible version: "I make you a new heaven and Earth. All things are made new." Remember the 12th Layered Cake? I also left the 12D open. This 12th Dimension has no Planet attached to it. It is a full-on dimensional experience. It's where the candles are, the well wishes, the beautiful flowers. This is the heaven in the bible.

Heaven is NOT Oneness. For this 12D is still a full on experience. There is a God living in the 12D, but it is not the Oneness God that some perceive. Someone once told me that my work is great but what is missing is God. That triggered me big time for God resided in that Oneness for me and therefor God surely was in my work. I wondered though why it triggered me so much and went into meditation to ask about "this God". Right away a white man in a white robe, a long beard, sitting on a fluffy cloud showed itself to me. You know what I said: "You must be freaking kidding me?!" But this God Being said: "Wouldn't I come to you first the way you recognize me from your childhood books?" I got it, and since then this God Being has shown itself in its true form. Remember how anyone who is not an Earthling and comes from other planets is an Alien here? Well, that makes God an Alien too. Simple as that. It is not a he nor a she nor neutral, it is THE!!! Sacred Feminine and Masculine in one body. See how depending on where you are from this is not important to you or it might be super duper important? God is not this Alien that is needing to guide every single other Planet Person. I will leave it as this for now, but there is more. Sorry if I trigger some people in their believes. Moving on: God is truly glowing. Can you imagine a being that vibrates at a 10,000 plus? Living in a Dimension that vibrates that way? The whole God Being is all light, nothing else but light, yet nevertheless a Soul, an Entity, one who is having experiences. That is not the Oneness. That of course beckons the question of which God (Oneness God or 12D God) created Earth, for the Earthlings are indeed God's People! Think about this one more time, with placing yourself into your correct home somewhere on that cake. Earthlings and 12D God are very intertwined, but not every planet on that 12D cake is that intertwined with God of the 12D. Some Souls are very feminine/masculine oriented, others come from Planets where gender is a whole different concept. Many are just fine with our understanding of the Oneness without needing the 12D God Being as being part of their lives. They are NOT lost, they do NOT have to be brought to Christ and be saved. However, some of you come from that 12D place. You are Love and Heaven incarnate. Makes sense? You are here to bring that to the people. The 12D, the God Essence. For you bring 12D home to the people, heaven to Earth. Not everyone wants that love, not everyone feels "worthy" of that, and many 12D people had experiences around not really being wanted here. Know that this is shifting now. For the 5D WANTS heaven on earth. Many people I talk to believe in Angels. "Well, where do they reside" I ask? No one really knows. Answer: "In the Heaven. Which is the 12D." Simple as that. They are the buddies of God...they have a hierarchy just like our 12 layered cake. The highest, most beautiful Angel, most light filled, most glorious Angel of them all - that was Lucifer. Can you imagine how beautiful he really was? In that though he had nowhere to go. There was no other place to reach for him, for he was the highest of them all. He was bored, and he was quite upset about this, because this whole Play, the split of Oneness was after all about experiences. Where was his experiencing? So he talked to God, and said: "Hey God, there is nowhere else to go from here within the Angelic Realms, and I want to evolve, and experience. Might I become you?" But an Angel and Souls are different type of incarnations and an Angel can not become a Soul and so God tried to tell Lucifer that he can't be God. So Lucifer said, "fine then, I will fight you for it". God said: "This place is only light and we can not have any fight here buddy." "But I understand your need for experiences and I can do something for you. I can give you a home and experiences but it comes with stipulations." "Great", said Lucifer, "sign me up". God: "I will give you Earth, but only for a short period of time. When that time is up, you are done with that experience". "Cool", said Lucifer. "Who wants to join me?" And so half of the uncountable numbers of Angels came with him, and are....on Earth 1. Those are the Fallen Angles, the Demons and of course our buddy the Devil (vibration and name changes but still the same Lucifer of course). I call him our buddy because this is something that is playing out short term, now that the fight for souls (Earthlings either at a 400 or 1200) is done. He is after all only in this role short term, and boy has he and his consorts banged us up, but he is also from the 12D and in reality, in the end! a very high vibrational Being. Not right now though so let's not dismiss this whole Play by pulling everything into the light again. For now, he has no place in the 5D, remember that. There is no fight for any souls and the 3D fight is done for now. What comes after that time is up has to be seen, but know once more those souls asked for the 3D experience. So, how to go about life in these times? Recognize every single experience for what it is TRULY is. Is it the NOW experience in your 5D consciousness? Or are you, even briefly, in the 3D consciousness where all hell is literally breaking loose? You are not lost there, you have not lowered your vibration and do not need to raise it again. You just allowed your consciousness to live where it does not belong. Stay at home or away from people as much as you can, to move into this inner work. Also reach out to your friends and loves and family and all, not to carry their fears and anxieties but to simply be a new kind of support system for each other. Use this time to think abut what you want to create once we come out from our little caves. Start working on that, or work on what you already started. Make it a solid foundation now. Have compassion for the ones who are tuning into the 3D experiences. It is not yours to change their experience but you can be a light and guide post for when they want t move their consciousness back to the reality here in the 5D. Look for all the good, not the bad, this is is bringing in. I could name at least 12 things that show me that this whole experience right now is for an amazing Planet 2. I miss Planet 1 here and there, it was simpler and the light was less harsh, but I sure do not miss the work we did there. It was a lot and we are a bit tired. Now we create. But we need this reset. This is one that will change everything and it might not be only one wave, we might have two more. In 2022, if you are a memory keep like me, you will not recognize yourself, nor others anymore, for the memories for most people who previously lived on Earth 1 will be gone. Life will have "always been like this" and only a few will remember the way we used to be, live, connect, work, create. In a short time frame all will be so vastly different.

The reset is not healing of any Earth. Earth 2 needs no healing, it's been created quite perfectly. It is also not about your inner healing. This reset is about us stepping in our Earth 2 consciousness fully, away from the "knowing", the memories of Earth 1 (where climate change is abut as dire as can be btw). Two worlds, pulled apart more and more, until only consciousness of one is left. Reset is for that, for us moving fully into the one new Earth, Planet Earth Number 2. It is also about you not taking your old consciousness of wounding with you, for this is gone on Earth 2. Move through whatever comes up one last time, but have the intention of not taking that all in that suitcase with you, rather than the intention thinking that it comes up so you can "heal it away". Go through your baggage and only take out what you desire to take with you here, into this now. This misconception of healing is one of many misconceptions now for we only have the understanding of how life on Earth 1 works. Adjust to a whole new way of doing things, going about (old) dynamics, doing your work, being a light worker etc. Light-worker actually means that you come from a less dense place and there is simply more light that comes through the nooks and crannies of your being. I think we are more of being Light-Holders now. Pillars for everyone, ourselves included, where the new matrix can attach itself to. Just like you have wood beams in a house that make up the structure. We do not live in an Illusion, our experiences are real. We do however live in Hologram Matrixes which is allowing us our experiences and this Play at large. The darkness...why fight it? No need to. What for? See why I say that, through the eyes of this Play experience. The fight was in the 3D, for Earthling Souls. It is not here. We still have duality, for without duality there is no experience, but this is a different one. This is not the harsh light and darkness one. 1200 vibration all means whole different universal laws. Any experiences with dark stuff is only about you showing it its place. "Not in my home, buddy." No need to send it off anywhere, just simply speaking with authority and saying: "Not here." Thats all. Because Earth 1 asked us of a very different approach (remember we fought for Souls) we are so used to that, but let that go too. Protection is fine, but don't come with the intention of fear. No need to.

The Light, by law, has authority over the darkness. Assert your authority. One more time, what do you think you are still fighting for? The bad guys are in the 3D, not here. Show them the way out. Which brings me to another part of this virus. It is a gift bringer. It carries a few personal gifts for each person. To go home. To realign. To get some rest. To look through the baggage and declare what comes with and what stays behind. To connect differently. To find a new way of living. Most importantly though it brings the gift of Authority and Accountability and Self-Responsibly.

This set up right now calls each person into those last three big words. Can you see that? No more dumping our stuff onto others, no more: "Support me, hold me, walk with me." We are being put into our own inner homes to clean up and to take ownership of it. From there we will emerge with such inner strength, it will be a whole different way of co-creating. Inner Authority is the new magic.

Every experience right now has the higher octave and the lower to it. Both are TRUE. Do not dismiss that the same experience brings dire times on Earth 1. Yet on Earth 2 it brings the higher version into being. Same experience two very different outcomes. Quite incredible. One is about a government having power over, the other about a government supporting this experience. One about being disempowered, the other abut bringing in autonomy. One about being locked up, the other about getting some much needed rest and having time to think abut the new creations, personal and collective. I could go on and on but hope I got my point across. There are some fun things I am experiences such as our masks right now. I think once they come off more people will see the way I do, seeing Souls past the human suit, but many think we have "always looked like that". It just needs a few weeks of this reset, for those changes can not just happen from one minute to another. Too many would notice. Eyes are the window to the soul, meaning they show where people's celestials homes are. We can now so presently see other's eyes. The 6 feet distance is our own aura circle and we get to finally be in our own energy, able to fully feel ourselves before we reconnect. (air)Hugging, talking, connecting - it all happens much more consciously now. Our automatic ways of connecting are being questioned and then rewired. We encompass so much more when we are allowed to come from a wider inner radius. Can you see? So much more to say...thank you for reading.

Please feel free to send general questions and I will love to answer those if they assist our Collective understanding. I appreciate if you want to send me a little donation for this write up, or any other time when my blog posts help you on your path (at but know it is so not necessary. I hope that what flows through me helps in this process, for all of us! For personal questions you can book a session with me I will add more about this whole 12 layered cake stuff in other posts, since it now becomes easier for me to add to this foundational understanding.

Since the above flows through me straight from the pureness of the 12D, to be shared with you, I ask kindly to please only share this with he correct link to the vessel (which would be me). Thank you. Blessings ad major major love.

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