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Miracles, Magic, and a true Story

I had an amazing experience, posted it on fb, and realized, most can't see the magic in it, the grandness of it. If I tell the story, or if I paint a picture, it can't be realized in its amazingness, for magic is not what most see in everyday life. So many are caught up in this denser vibration, that they can't see what is additionally here, right in front of all of us. My life does not have more magic in it, I just see it more. It wants to be seen by all of us, though. It is not hiding, it just has a less dense vibration, that's all. Less tangible, a bit misty, but nevertheless, it exists in plain sight. Some think it is a parallel world, another dimension that one enters, but it is simply, as mentioned, not as solid as what is the norm for most. A table, for example, vibrates rather dense, air not so much, but air is not in a different realm, hidden in a different dimension. It is equally real and here. You see? ;) I was contemplating today how to make the magic more available to everyone. I still don't have an answer for that, although a man, a long time ago, once said to me that I just appeared as Tinkerbell to him. "You waved her magic wand", he said, "sprinkled some magic dust on me, and all for a sudden, I see more of your (Kassia) world too."

Allow me to wave my wand for the next few paragraphs, and let me sprinkle some magic dust into your eyes, so you can see what I see. I posted a magical video of Mt. Shasta today on fb (link below). Someone took a video of the sun, appearing diamond shaped, in front of the mountain, and beautiful glitters in the waters. I just came from Mt. Shasta and when I was there, I could not stop playing this one song, I looped it for my drive up the Mountain, down, and all around town: Diamonds in the Sun, by Girish. This was before the fb video appeared. I was also gifted a beautiful Sedona Crystal, which I called a diamond, while I was up there on Mt. Shasta, just having returned from Sedona. My own experience on Mt. Shasta was beyond magical, which I wrote about in another post. But it was this video, which brought it all together for me, showing me once again how the mystical is actually reality, just in a lighter vibration. Calling us to see the beauty within the harsh energies, that sweet energy that moves between it all. The lightness, enchantment, mystery, that is ALWAYS right there, tugged between the heavy, the tangible, the density. Mt. Shasta was alive for me, when I visited. Consciousness, magical, powerful, profound. The video brought that even more alive. Maybe I need to write more about my, almost, daily experiences. They sound far out there, sometimes even unbelievable, but they are my norm. As a child, I still shared that freely, all the things I saw, never wondering what it is, but simply seeing it as part of life. I think that applies to so many of us. It is the dense world that asks us to un-see, making us believe that the 'lighter version" is only our imagination. We get made fun of, we get dismissed, laughed at. Our parents, siblings, teachers, peers, all used to see, but eventually had to hide it, and are all now teaching others to hide it as well. Can you see that the lighter version of Planet Earth is hidden from us? The less dense parts! We are made to believe that they don't exists. We make others believe they don't exists. How sad. How profound to think about that.

Yesterday I came across the picture below. How perfect for my day, yet I forgot all about what I posted yesterday, until I started this blog post. See how the Universe orchestrates magic so perfectly? Here is one more magic: Tonight I came across an article that opened up an explanation to one puzzling experience I had on Kaua'i. Let me tell you my story, come with me to magic land...

I read an article tonight, which lead me to a forum, which lead me to a thread, which lead me to reading about something that explained a whole lot for me. When I moved to the Island, in my first week, I decided to check out the magical North of Kaua'i. I did not know anything about it, just knew that the one main road of the Island takes you right up North, until you can't drive any further. That is where the Ke'e beach is and the famous Kalalau Trail. People from all over the world hike that trail, but it requires stamina, lots of prepping, and taking camping gear, food and water with you. It's is one long, strenuous day in, camping and resting for a few days, and then hiking back out. This is important to know for context. On my way up, I see this old woman on the road. She looked to be about 70, maybe even older. With her she had a suitcase. I stopped to see if she needed a ride. "Yes please, can you take me up North?", she asked. Off we went. A few times I gently asked her about her suitcase, I also tried to check her mental status (the Nurse in me), if she needed money, food, water, anything. "No, I am fine, just going home." "So you live up there?", I asked her, trying to figure out if she is homeless. She sure did not look like that she just came from an airport. Not homeless either, but somehow also not like she had a home... Since I did not know the area, I asked her to guide me and to tell me where to let her out. I expected us to go up North into a neighborhood, but we went to the very end of the road, until I was parked next to entrance of the trail. I was shocked, stunned, I did not know what to do. She just smiled at me and said: "This is where you can let me out." In retrospect I would have asked many more questions, making sure she is safe, but, also in retrospect, it was a bit like there was as spell on me. I simply let her out, though checking if she crossed the small street to the restrooms, or if she went to the beach behind us, but...well, she was gone. What was mentioned in my reading today is that Pele, the Hawaiian Goddess, sometimes shows up as a Hitchhiker, either as a very young woman, or, more often than not, as an old woman, a Crone, with long white hair, a white, or red/orange dress. I don't remember her hair, nor what she had on, but the little sentence, within an unrelated reading, brought clarity to that experience. I asked some Hawaiians on a large forum, and got more than one confirmation tonight. But I also deeply know, it was her, Now I understand that wise twinkle in her eye, when I asked her all of those questions. I saw Pele once more, while I lived on Kaua'i, but that is another story, and not mine to least for now. One of many experiences that I've had. I have learned to hide those, learned to share only with a select few. Fear of being called a bit too woo woo, too out there, making stuff up, being called a liar, or even worse, an attention seeker. What I have realized though is that we all hold the magic within. I am woo woo, and can't, nor do I want to, hide that anymore. Next post is probably about Aliens :).

We just hold it so close to our hearts, that less dense world. A bit too close, and through that making it hidden from ourselves, where we can't see our own magic, nor the other person's magic, nor the magic around us. It is time to release the grip on it, that tight hold. Magic isn't there to be re-captured, it is there to be seen. It never left. I never watched Alice in Wonderland, but have a feeling ( I am seeing her while I am writing this, she is waving and smiling) that her story has a similar message?

As always, you can find me here to book a comprehensive, intuitive session with me.

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