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New Year's Tarot Reading Offer

Hello beautiful Souls,

Whew, we almost made it through 2020. Not an easy year, but it held so many gifts for us on a personal level and for the collective at large. Profound gifts like that aren't always wrapped up in the prettiest paper, but once we open the box and unpack (that may take a few more months, maybe even years) we can see how life changing 2020 was for us all. An important shift, a crucial evolutionary process. A great shifting and sifting that we all felt personally and in the greater realms of humanity. We were called to move into our inner most nucleus, to strengthen ourselves and our closest surroundings, to become solid pillars of inner knowing, so the outer can be made anew from that place. Gratitude for your work, from the whole wide Universe! I too have been more internal than usual, but am slowly moving into posting more again, writing more, sharing again, and showing up tangibly again rather than just in the spiritual realms or in personal sessions with clients. It felt good to have my own process, to do my own sifting and shifting, and yet - it feels so wonderful to connect more with the outer world again.

I hope and wish that it brought you all that you needed for your personal soul development; that all that was not serving you anymore fell away gently, and that all that you intrinsically ARE became more present, more solid, and more expansive than ever before. For we need YOU, more than ever, in all of your radiance, your light, your glorious self. 2021 will keep moving us ahead on this new trajectory. My wish for all of us it that this new track will be a most gentle, compassionate, kind and loving ride for us all. In addition to my usual session offerings I decided to offer a comprehensive New Year's Tarot Reading once more - a card layout and voice mail (or write up) to become your personal guide post throughout this beautiful 2021.

You can contact me on my website through my email form here if you would like to sign up for your Tarot Card Reading. A simple hello is all I need to get you started.

As always, I am also available for you to book a comprehensive, intuitive Session with me here. My love for us all is overflowing, my gratitude to be incarnated with you all in these times is immense. Thank you for being here, thank you for all that you do and all that you are.

Wishing you all a gentle, peaceful, and joy-filled Holiday Season. Love, Kassia Golden


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