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One Question Tarot Readings

Short term I am offering one question Tarot Card Readings, yippie yah.

My yearly, in depth New Year’s Tarot Readings have been so helpful for people that I want to open up this way of doing short answer readings.

I don’t use Tarot Cards in my usual sessions but they can be wonderful allies at times.

Please understand that a one question Tarot Reading is very different from my usual sessions. I will answer as much as I can but it can not replace a more indepth phone session. See it more as a snapshot of your situation and a guiding pole for your path ahead.

Contact me for a one question card reading and you will receive a 1 to 3 card pull accompanied with a (about) 10 min voice recording, send to you per email.

Email me at for more information. Please read the email information first before sending me questions. Thank you

I’m looking forward to doing some card pulls.

For regular sessions you can contact me here:

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