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Seasons are changing

We have a few trees here on the land in NM that are only starting to sprout their leaves now. They didn't show their green in Spring as expected. They were bare and almost looked like they were dying off.

The trees knew to wait for the right time and energy rather than flowing with the seasons. They were declaring their own timing, listening to what felt nurturing and right and safe for their roots and trunk and branches before bursting fully forth into life again.

It is late August and those trees are saying this is my Spring.

Nature is shifting her trajectory. Getting away from how it’s always been done to tuning into what is needed at any given time.

This way Nature can be in her fullest alignment and with it in her fullest power.

I feel the same.

My Spring is coming slower than expected but the seeds are sprouting and the green is pushing out gently through the thick dirt.

I feel and felt the Collective calling. Where are you Kassia, we miss you?!

The outer says it has been Spring a season ago and Fall harvest is just around the corner.

I know my Spring has only just begun and the potential that my life seeds hold is too precious to bring into outer life too prematurely. I pushed and pulled and prodded at times and it only pulled back, stalled and halted me. When I finally surrendered all exhaled. Letting go of what ought to be in the Rhythm of the Collective and finding your own flow reshapes the greater picture of the Collective. Listen to the new song of life. It flows differently, this 5D new paradigm.

Tend to your tender sprouts tenderly in whichever season you are in.

You are so precious, so seen, so loved. Thank you for being here.

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