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The Narcissist in the Spiritual Community

I am witnessing, I have lived it and we are done with it! 

Rewriting the story of the Narcissist, for it has never been the truth. 

We are done with this theme, and so is the Narcissist. They WANT to be unmasked because they want to be utilized differently. 

The spiritual community has done a great disservice to Lightholders/Workers who have been intermeshed with a Narcissist. Read that again please. 

The below is an excerpt of what I am writing right now. It is a spiritual point of view, looking at the seemingly "spiritual" Narcissist and how he/she shows up in spiritual communities, manipulating and dividing the soul families, keeping souls from fulfilling their mission, taking spots in soul groups that are not theirs for the taking.

The "knower", mentioned below, is the one who sees past the mask. As soon as the Narcissist knows he has been unmasked he follows an order of tasks in spiritual groups.

The (seemingly) "spiritual" Narcissist's order of tasks, when found out:

Discredit the person/ "knower". Kindly so, for the spiritual narcissist knows how to manipulate by sounding kind, while cutting the "knower" into pieces.

To separate the “knower” from their group/community.

Take on the "knowers’" positive traits.

Show up as loving and understanding, seemingly compassionate even, when talking about the "knower", while making sure to keep the "knower" separated from the group. 

He/she has learned all of this, this way of showing up, from the spiritual Lightholder/Worker!

Ask for support, ask to be held, nurtured, and taken care of (again, separating the "knower") "for this brought a lot up for me, and I want to process this. Can community please support me?" 

This, purposely done, creates an underhanded/unspoken sense of loyalty towards the Narcissist, within the group. 

This is not their process to heal nor learn from it etc, it is simply used to draw community close to them. 

Consciously having chosen a Lightworker/LoveHolder with wounds and traumas, pulling everything out of the "knower" (you can trust me, with me you can open up, if you don't open up you can never heal, you are safe with me, you have to be vulnerable to heal). 

Now all the information will be used to show the group how unhealthy the "knower" is. Purposely crazy making in the abusive relationship, the empath Lightworker/Holder falling apart, crying, speaking strongly, asking for boundaries, while the spiritual Narcissist will speak gentle and kindly, softly, and calm. 

Again this creates separation of the "knower" from the group. Purposely done. Spiritually manipulative. "I am NOT the problem, as you can clearly see by his/her reactions and actions here. I am the nice one, the kind one, the healthy one." NOT! Yet many spiritual groups fall for this, and ever-so-lovingly will now want to take the Lightworker/Loveholder under their wings to help them heal some more.

The true story is: they (the "knower") got unhealthy because of the Narcissist and will show up very adjusted and empowered as soon as they are away from the Narcissist's spiel. They do not need your extra healing support, they need you to see the truth and they need you to stand empowered with them, keeping the Narcissist's crazy-making away from them. The well meaning "you are falling apart but we are here to help", while the Narcissist looks on gleefully and seemingly all together and strong, is extremely DISEMPOWERING for the Loveholder/Worker. 

The Narcissist is also taking on all the positive traits, while projecting all the negative ones onto the "knower". 

A "spiritual" Narcissist does not have woundings, they have stories of woundings. That is a very big difference! The experiences might be true but they do not get internally wounded the way non-Narcissists do. 

The stories of wounding, of childhood experiences, are used for two things:

To draw a wounded Lightworker/Holder to them. 

"We have similarities here, I understand you like no other." 

The truth: I use our similar stories to make you believe that we have similar woundings. In reality "I am asking you to feed me your love and light, your Source/God-flow, for I don't have it."

When the feeding stops and the boundaries are declared, when the Source Love is cut off ( it is a bottomless hole, not a filling up!) and the mask is off, then the order of tasks start. 

Now the stories of woundings are used in the community to make the group believe that they are now "ready to heal, ready to transform, ready to finally do THE work".

It is, however, once more just an asking, this asking for support, so as to be fed. There is no change, no transformation, no healing. Look closely into the "process" they speak off. It is not a process; there are no changes, there is no forward movement, no true empathy, no true understanding, no true transformation.

It is a wide open gaping hole: asking to be cuddled, supported, and held; endless requests for others to take time with and to extend energy towards, to be filled up. Lovingly, the community keeps filling up the Narcissist, thinking they are doing such awesome work, when in reality, all their energy is syphoned and not much is left for the true work they are asked to do!

See, the Narcissist does not have the "Source Spark". 

He/she is a creation of Earth, not of Source/God. 

Whew, that is big to say, I know.  There is more to that but for now, think about it, think about the Narcissist's way of showing up, their actions. 

They are not soulless, they are sourceless. Big difference.  

The Narcissist is NOT part of Soul families, not part of reincarnations, not part of the soul inter-web. Not part of this Source Love that flows through you. 

They are not dark beings, nor evil. 

They are simply empty, VOID, with masks. 

Unmask a spiritual Narcissist and the above, plus much more, transpires. For you just took away their food, their power, and their mask.

That's all. We make more out of it than what is. The void does not need us to heal them. The void does not need us to feel for them, to feel sorry, to extend our love to.A void does not have those desires, those needs. By us stepping in so eagerly, we have now become the perfect puppet. The seeming need for love is need for power. "Support me, give me love" is, in reality, asking for something else.

Look at the "knower", the one who unmasks. They are often revered in the spiritual groups, trusted for their insights, sought after for their compassion, loved and cherished. They don't hold a higher or special spot, they simply have one clear and solid place within the spiritual group. The Narcissist wants THAT. "Give me what you give to the ‘knower’”.

They are not asking for your love, they are asking for you to show up for them the way you show up when you speak of the "knower" to others; when you see the "knower" and you are happy to see them, when you hug the "knower” and your heart expands. For you, in your understanding, you speak lovingly of the "knower", of their abilities, their talents, their purpose. For the Narcissist, you seem to speak of a person who holds some kind of powerful spot in community and THAT is that they want. See what I mean?

Do not fall for the ideal that every person, a Narcissist included, is asking for love.  In the case of a Narcissist, it is ALWAYS asking for some form of power. This can actually be used by the community for GOOD. 

The spiritual community is one of love and understanding, of inclusion and most importantly, of holding each person in a loving container, a safe space to transform to heal and to grow. That is what the Narcissist uses. Again, there is NO healing, no transforming, it is void inside.

Void is neither negative nor positive, it is actually, in a sense, neutral. This neutrality is asked to to be utilized by community. As of now, it has sadly been used by the dense (some call it dark) forces. It is a case of who gets there first. I will explain more about this in another post. In short the void empty Cube (that is how Narcissists show up for me) wants to have its purpose too here. We, as a spiritual community, have an ability to use the void for most wonderful things. It is not using the Narcissist, it is utilizing the Cube. Then, there is no Narcissist, there is only potential.

The biggest wounding you can inflict on a Lightholder community member is to be all-understanding, to be neutral, to be all inclusive in the face of abuse. I hope the above shows how the Narcissist uses spiritual concepts and ideals: to manipulate, to disconnect/disengage the ones who see the truth and to stop quite a lot of us from actually doing the work we are asked to do. 

By using the all-inclusive, loving approach, you are the one disconnecting the victim (yes they ARE a victim) from their community, from their soul family. The Narcissist has now taken over their space. The community is now NOT whole, not strong, NOT complete.

We, as a spiritual communal people, owe it to the community itself, the entity of this sou-linterweb, to show up in clarity; protective and one sided. Yes, there is a side to be taken. With this, we also have to find a way to give the Cube its rightful place, its purpose, its fulfillment, in community. Then, the Cube does not have to become a Narcissist.

This a very short story, the spiritual Narcissist in a nutshell, within spiritual communities. Adding more in another post.

I love you all so very much. Heart wide open but in discernment. UNmasking is only one step. The next part is to give the Cube its purpose here and, with it, its rightful place amongst us. This way Narcissist behavior becomes obsolete. This way, there is inclusion of All, but in its rightful and healthy way. This way, a community will be stronger than ever. THIS is the true vision. 


As always, all is written intuitively, flowing through me from pure Source. Donations for blog posts are always appreciated, never expected. Paypal link to be found on my main blog page, to the right:

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