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Triggers for growth & triggers that unmask

Sometimes people trigger the heck out of me because they trigger something unhealed or unacknowledged in me.

..and then there are times when people trigger the heck out of me because they are not authentic. And I see...

It's after all my work here. Quite interesting how people know what I do, and still think I might not see behind their masks. Unmasking is my job here on Earth.

I unmask the beautiful light-filled, loving Lightworkers, taking off all that does not belong to them, all the acquired layers that cover up the light and mission. Once revealed, the glorious Soul can do its work here fully. In my 'work assignment', through just my presence, I take off layers, and that applies to all people, not just the wonderful Lightholders, Wayshowers, and Truthspeakers. It also automatically unmasks the Narcissist, Opportunist, the Manipulator, the Pretender. Oops, sorry, not sorry ;).

The spiritual clothes, names, songs, talks, mala beads, Oms and Namastes, with hands in prayer poses and soft "spiritual" voices, while floating across the floor, do not cover up the truth, not long term at least. The Universe always lifts that veil eventually, making available to all what once was hiding. Always! That is the Universal Law.

All has to show itself for what it is, even if it is just for a brief second. The question isn't about if that ever happens, but what people do with it when it happens.

Many still pretend to be blind to keep the image of that person alive. Why? Simply because that image serves something within one's own person and life path. That is an individual choice and we can't push others prematurely into seeing what IS, when they are not ready for it yet. However, it doesn't mean that the mask did not come off. It just means that some quickly exchange the unveiling of the mask for blinders on their own eyes.

Often a Pretender tells people who they are, in perhaps one short sentence, but we tend to just nervously laugh it off, pretending like our ears did not just hear the truth, our hearts did not just skip a beat by this truth that was just presented. Those little sentences, peppered between a lot of good sounding spiritual bla bla, are the authentic ones. Yet we rather believe the whole outer package than the one small truth that hits us in our deepest core. 

The first mentioned trigger I invite in with all of my heart, for that trigger assists me in seeing me. Finding hidden and tucked away parts of me, through our connection, through the other. Those hidden parts are such gems. They might be covered in dirt, they might look like nothing, still unpolished, but they hold the deepest truth of one's essence. When we integrate those wounded parts, the shadows, those hidden areas, we are full on authentically us. More and all of that please. Bring on the triggers.

When I say 'I see you', in regards to that type of connection, I mean I see us, myself in you and you in me, and all things connected and mirrored right back. How beautiful and thank you so much for that. That trigger makes oneself so much more complete. More of that please, always.

The second makes me usually say 'I see you', but what I mean is, I see through your facade. My trigger, me being triggered by someone like that, has nothing to do with my own stuff, no matter how much that one might try to make it about me. It is getting quite tiring seeing yet another pretender in light-filled clothes. That is a trigger of having done this, and seen this, for so long. Yet the trigger that person brings is not there for my own healing, to make me see what I could not see without that person. It is a trigger that warns of what it is front of me. It triggers an alarm.

Don't mistake one 'I see you' for the other, although 'I see you' is true through and through in both cases.

That trigger is there, so presently felt, because we know that the veil of pretentiousness, of high and mighty, of spiritual superiority, chips away from the collective healing, creating, and authentic relating.

Done with that, for all is being shown now

The only thing the ones with masks can still hold onto are the misguided spiritual teachings that says that all triggers are about you. By teaching that and by believing that, and by living a life around "whatever shows up in front of me, is about me," the mask of the Pretender stays alive.

You see?

If you are triggered, rather than quickly stepping into the "I'm such a good spiritual student" energy, ever so willingly taking on everything around you as being "part of you", your lesson, your growth, your healing, your shadow...", stop and ask yourself first if this is a mirror to yourself, a gift for your growth, or a smoke-screen-mirror-facade that makes you believe that all is about you, so they don't lose their mask. Don't mistake one true trigger for self growth for a trigger that warns you of an energy that is destructive to the collective growth. One trigger brings hidden parts of myself to the forefront, the other the hidden parts of the person who masks. With the first trigger, it might seem like that I am reacting to the other person, but in truth I am reacting to myself. It's about me, about revealing pieces of my authentic self.

With the second trigger I react to what the other hides from me. I react to them, their inauthentic front, and their authentic self behind the mask. It's about them, not me. The first type of trigger reveals me, the second type of trigger reveals the other.

Both triggers have their purpose, but it is time to step into discernment of which is which. Let the triggers be our wonderful helpers, as long as we utilize them in their rightful ways.

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1 Comment

Dec 28, 2019

Wow. I get this. I’m going to reread!

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