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Video Interview

The awesome What the Woo Team interviewed me a few weeks ago about the work I do as an Intuitive Consultant.

In the interview we talk about how this gift came to be through a near death experience, what it looks like in my daily work with clients, how my nomadic lifestyle is part of my spiritual purpose, and so much more.

Tune into this informative and lighthearted conversation to find out more about my personal background, and what a session with me feels like. You can click on the video to watch it right here on my webpage or hop on over to fb here:

Also, check out all the amazing interviews these great women have done so far (and do every Tuesday at 9pm PST - usually live) with people from various spirtual backgrounds:

Blessed Sun-Day wishes!

You can find out more about my work and to book a session with me here


insta: kassiagolden

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