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Voting for Us

Each side thinking if they win all will be well.

Each side believing they hold the key to freedom.

Each side in fear of the other,

in worry that if the other wins,

suffering, upheaval, danger to life and soul

will be a given.

If I don't hold steadfast onto the walls of my side,

if I peek even a tiny bit over my high and mighty fortress,

the one I worked so hard on fabricating,

if I catch a glance of my enemy,

or he catches a glimpse of me,

I surely will perish.

Rather not take that chance.

Let's make sure I pray to all of MY - Angels today, my Guides, my spiritual helpers, my Ancestors, my God, for they will be on my side, the extra fortification of what I know is right and holy.

I wonder if all of the Celestials are laughing or crying today, knowing how each side prays for their help - knowing they are here for all of us.

Some, the some-ones who govern us, don't want us to be free, that story is indeed true. Our souls are rightfully crying out to finally be free of shackles and chains, ropes and entanglements, the ones that keep us from rising to our highest potential. The personal, the collective seed of greatness that is so ready to break forth through the dense earth into the bright sun.

It's been long in the making and and no one wants to lose that, especially now that we are so close to that bursting forth of all that has laid dormant within each soul vessel for so long.

My side is on your side,

for the fence was never built by me,

the bricks never laid by us

the common people,

you see?!

Today we vote.

May we vote for our up and rising,

tenderly, sweetly and nurturing so.

In gentle, kind and compassionate ways

towards our FREE-DOME.

An oldie and very goody:

Until we are all free, we are none of us free.

―Emma Lazarus

This Universe, the Celestials, God, Goddess, Spirit Source, Light - loving us through this in the highest. Holding all of us.

Can you feel it? Spread it today and every day. We all need it, the world needs it, we need each other. I love you, heart-overflowing so. More about my work and to book your personal session with me here.

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