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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I best prepare myself for our session?

Since regular sessions are usually about 2 hours or longer, it is best to have something lighter to eat, and to be well hydrated, before our session starts.


Bring some liquids to have nearby, and if needed, something small to snack on such as nuts. 


If it fits into your day, take some time out for yourself before, and especially after the session.


There is no need to do any type of exercise, meditation, or invocation, to open yourself up before seeing me. Once we sit together, whether it is by phone, or in person, all that wants to be seen will be accessible for us. We might start with a brief simple breathing exercise. I will know intuitively and will guide you into the session. 


I kindly ask for you to not use any drugs (weed included) or alcohol before seeing me, for this will only suppress the flow, rather than having a clear channel.

What to expect: 

Do I need to prepare any questions? 

For short sessions, yes, I would need to know your questions. For regular sessions it is wonderful if you want to contemplate on your questions, and you can also write those down if you would like, but it is not necessary. I will ask you for abut the themes that brought you to me, and we will go on your journey from there. You will see that your questions have all been answered once we are done with the session. Follow your inner guidance in regard to what and if to write out any questions and it will be just perfect. 


Will I remember what we spoke about? 

Yes, you will remember everything, but not in the usual sense that we perceive as "remembering".

Your brain might not be able to contain all of the information relayed, but your soul body will remember everything talked about. When we try to remember something, we usually go into our filing cabinet of the brain, and try to retrieve the information by hopefully finding the correct folder.  As we all know, that works sometimes but not always. Your soul-body, however, remembers all that I will share with you, and rather than retrieving information when wanted, the information will rise automatically when needed. That is the difference between these two memory bodies. There will always be a few pointers to write down though, to have in front of you right when needed. While being in the session, I get guidance to what might be important to briefly jot down. 


Do you record my session? 

I don't record any sessions, but happily invite you to record your session with any device or medium that works for you. 


I can't meet with you in person. Are there other ways to have a session with you? 

In addition to offering in-person sessions in Sedona and on travels, I mostly offer phone, whatssupp, skype audio, zoom audio, as well as other types of call-in sessions. 

Please note, I generally don't offer video sessions, since I have seen through the years of doing this work that the video medium, and all the things one has to pay attention to (looking straight into the camera, perhaps feeling anxious, paying attention to visual clues) takes away from having the full capacity to listen to the messages themselves.


Can you communicate with my loved ones who have passed over?

Yes, but in any session, only what is conducive to your soul's journey will show up. I don't specifically call in loved ones to show up and communicate with us, for this to me is overstepping spiritual boundaries, unless it is an integral part of your path. Quite often though, I have had loved ones show up on their own accord, as they had important messages to relay.   


Can you tap into my past lives?  

Just as with loved ones who have passed over, past lives will show up if it is conducive to your journey. Some past lives you have truly lived, and some show up as archetypes, so we can make sense of your life now. I can explain this more in depth during your session.  


Do you offer couples sessions?

I am usually called to meet with the individual person, rather than the couple, and follow that guidance. Whatever shows up as challenges in partnerships is most often an individual theme that we bring into the relationship. After meeting individually, a couple's session is often not necessary anymore.  


Can you see everything about me?

It is very important for me to only see what I have permission for. Your life is like a book to me, where I have access to some pages, chapters, words, and sentences. There is no need to verbally give me permission to access what is needed. Your soul, your higher self, knows best and lets me know. I will have access to all that you are needing and asking for. 


Are you a Medical Intuitive? 

Medical questions can arise in sessions and I am very careful with answering any medical related questions. As you can see in the Testimonials, clients have received answers to often year long puzzling medical questions, and in that sense I could be called a medical intuitive, but truly, I see all that needs to be looked at and I am not just one type of intuitive, but one with access to all that is conducive to your path.  That being said, with any medical related answers given, although I have a Nursing background, I still ask you to please check in with a professional. 


Do you decline services? 

Yes. My work is very straightforward and transformative. Not everyone who is seeking intuitive guidance is asking for that kind of shift in their lives. As some people, who have a persistent cough, might ask Grandma for advice, others will seek out a Physician, and some might look for advice from a Naturopath, so is my work in alignment with some, but not all. I get clear guidance in that regard, for what you seek might require a Therapist, a Life Coach, or someone else different from the work that I do. There are so many different modalities when it comes to guidance, and I will lovingly refer you somewhere else if I see that I won't be able to assist you on your path. 


Are you available to offer your services for businesses and at retreats?

Yes, I offer my services at any retreat that is in alignment with the services that I offer. I would love to hear from you if you are hosting a retreat that could use my services as being part of your offerings. 

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