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When I was 7 years old, living in my birth country of Germany, I declared my life's purpose. I knew back then, as little as I was, that being a Nurse was what I came here to do. For many years, this became my mission and my deepest soul-fulfillment. Being housed right next to the hospital, I was living and breathing the old school kind of nursing, a dedicated embodiment of Florence Nightingale's teachings. This, I thought, would be my life's work. The Universe however had different plans. 

In 2010 I had a near death experience. It was neither the first nor the last one, but surely the most profound and life changing one; a passage to my work today. In my profession as a Nurse, and later in any work that I was called into, intuition was always part of me, yet never as deep and profound as it showed up after my encounter with the "other side". I started seeing in ways that surpassed and bypassed all of my own filters; with insights, messages, and information flowing through me in such pureness; this glorious place which we all have different names for, but experience as the Oneness and origin of ourselves. 




My Path To Now

Understanding the immense responsibility such a gift carries, it took quite a few life and soul adjustments before I could say wholeheartedly yes to this new assignment. Yet, as many of you might already know, there is no running away from your true mission and purpose here in life.  Just as I teach others how to encompass their purpose fully, I made peace with this most wonderful task given to me, and am now deeply embracing and loving my work here on Planet Earth.

In the years of having assisted so many amazing clients on their path to freedom and empowerment, I understand now, that Nursing, as fulfilling as it has been for me, was never a platform big enough for what I am asked to bring forth, assist with, guide, and heal in others. A mission that carries immense blessings; a path which now colors every aspect of my life.


Moving into 2021 I am mostly living the nomad life, showing up where called to be, working on art projects, and most of all doing my best to exemplify Heaven's Love, joyfully and open-hearted so. 


I am also back in College, to acquire an End Of Life Care and Support Certificate. Part of my work is assisting clients and their families around the themes of death and dying. This Program is adding some profound tools into my Intuitive Work Toolbox, allowing me to assist my clients even more holistically.

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