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Testimonials and Transformations

May the below Transformations and Testimonials assist you in making an informed decisions

about a possible deeper connection with my offerings; 

hopefully finding facets of your path, your challenges and questions within other's experiences.
My work is as unique as all the beautiful souls here on Earth,

and each session reflects this magnificent individuality.
My deepest gratitude to all the ones who have shown up with such trust, openness, and dedication

to healing, growth,transformation and creation. 


Kassia’s guidance and direction is crystal clear and resonates with a very high frequency of consciousness. She helps me to recalibrate my direction and to focus in a way that is uplifting, strong and refuses to be distracted by what I might like to hear from her.


She reminds me to trust my own wisdom and to move into an empowered appreciation of my unique soul qualities. I recommend her as a profound voice in the creation of the new wave of consciousness that is awakening on earth.

Nathaly Granja

Spiritual Ascension Guide, Washington DC

Kassia has been the Spirit Guide, I didn't know I so desperately was looking for. As someone who is an Intuitive, finding a mentor that can channel so purely and away from Ego like Kassia, was hard to come by. Kassia has so effortlessly brought to light where my foundation was still weak. She has absolutely clarified my purpose, my familial relationships, my partnership, and limiting beliefs I didn’t even know were there. Infinite gratitude to this magical woman. 

Amanda Dufour


I met Kassia at a very vulnerable time in my life, I was trying to figure out who I was, what I was here on this beautiful planet to do and hungry for answers about life.

I've been working with her for over a year now and as I sit here speechless with a smile upon my face thinking, how do I put into words what this amazing woman has done for me?? Can it be done? I will try...

Kassia opens a part of your heart and soul, she helps you remember who you are, why you are here, what your path is, helps you with relationships, finances, fears, dreams, gifts. The list could go on and on. I feel confident, this is new for me as I struggled with anxiety since I was three years old. I feel at peace, things make sense. Questions come up and I feel excited to learn the answer, not afraid like before.


Working with Kassia is a life changer, I feel alive, awake, more present. Since working with her I feel free, compassionate and more in love with myself and life.


This truly is the best thing I have ever done for myself. I have learned so much about my life and the universe we are in ( and then some). This unveiling of my soul has opened so many doors, and will so for you. The work that comes along with this is intensely amazing, humbling, and so full of love and growth.

She is loving, honest and to the point. I recommended her to everyone, if I could gift each person I know with one thing it would be a session with her. To know this woman is a true blessing, I treasure each session with her very dearly and respect the work she is doing for so many of us. Thank you Kassia for being YOU.


Holistic Practitioner at Inspired by Krystal

"Where to is difficult to put into words how Kassia's beautiful soul has impacted my life in all ways.  Kassia offers pure guidance that feels incredibly aligned and with Divine timing.  I have received more clear guidance from Kassia in the past several months than with countless healers, coaches and spiritual teachers over the past 10 years. 


Saying Kassia has changed my life for the better would be an understatement!  She guided me to remember who I am, what my purpose is and offered tangible tools and steps to implement my soul's mission into reality.  Since working with Kassia, my relationship with my husband has improved, my soul-aligned business has expanded, and my newfound infinite self-acceptance brings me to tears. 


Kassia has guided me to see the truth of who I am, how I serve and how I show up in this world.  I will be forever grateful to Kassia for her beautiful gifts."




I am so honored that Kassia asked me for a testimonial as I regard her as one of the most meaningful experiences with an intuitive I’ve encountered thus far. She is an intuitive that “sees” me AND is able to connect the pragmatic dots of my life. I feel validated and cared for by her intelligence and wisdom. She understands and affirms all identities and spectrums of being.

She spoke to my role in society and my engagement with justice movements, which is important to me and she was able to put that work into context. Kassia acknowledged specific tangible life experiences I had, with deep knowledge and insight digging into many levels of past life to tell me things that were applicable now.

This approach of speaking about our potential with regards to spirit is irreplaceable to me when I’ve made some choices in my life that are creative and non-conformist. There was no judgement, just the most tender and expansive view to share.

Kassia’s information has given me real comfort and hope along with applied usefulness. For instance, I was worried about finances, she told me to not worry and that within a few weeks something would come. The very next day I received news I had been awarded a $10,000 artist grant.

I love my smart and funny conversations with her. From food, fitness and future life information, I’m grateful for knowing Kassia.


As soon as someone told me about Kassia, it seemed like I was being called to meet her. It was a time in my life when I was obsessed with thoughts of an acquaintance who knew when her time to transition from this life had come and she seemingly welcomed the other side not long after. I wondered if that other side was calling me as well.


Kassia clearly shared with me my freewill choices. In the middle of our session I felt a physical shift, which continued to manifest and deepen over the next few days. I’ve never had something so physical happen to me after seeing an intuitive.  


Several months later I am embracing life, on my way to being healthier thanks to her advice, and have had the perk of loosing nearly twenty pounds. I feel great and am filled with gratitude to Kassia for her service and her wisdom.


I highly recommend her as an intuitive -- kind, gentle, yet sound and supportive.

Sebene Selassie

Teacher & Writer

Kassia is a thoughtful and profound intuitive. Her guidance was clear and direct from the first sentence (but never felt forced or overwhelming). She had the ability to listen deeply to the meaning underneath my inquiries and provide advice and suggestions that immediately resonated with me. Our conversation connected me with truths that I needed to hear. I look forward to speaking with her regularly.

Ashlyn Hartnett

When I first came to Kassia I knew something needed to shift, I was ready for it and knew I was meant for more but didn’t know how. 

Working with Kassia has been life changing! I’m so grateful for her gifts she so lovingly shares with us. Kassia has provided me with so much knowledge and has helped me with many aspects of my life including my purpose and my relationships. She has been a huge blessing for me and has been key in understanding my path and how to move forward.


I am now excited for the changes and adventure that this life has in store. I am forever grateful to have her in my life! 

Tania A.

Marketing Consultant

Kassia has an extraordinary talent, and I feel so fortunate to have met her. After my phone session with her, I was much more confident in how I wanted to live my life. I believe that a session with Kassia would be perfect for anyone who is seeking more clarity in their life. She is truly a gem and probably one of the best personal investments you could ever make in yourself.

April K

I have appreciated the insight of spiritual advisors for over 35 years. In all of that time I have never had one as insightful as Kassia.

Kassia has become an important advisor and friend in my life.

Sometimes her readings validate what I am feeling and sometimes she clarifies where I am headed. Often she gives an assignment that moves me forward in my life. Every time, I finish our interaction feeling uplifted, validated and hopeful.

You are such a loving spirit. Thank you, Kassia. 

Karin Ebner

Pura Vida Yoga & Wellness

For me, Kassia’s guidance and insight has been invaluable. From uncovering and healing from childhood trauma and past wounds, over helping me figure out which way to turn when I find myself at a crossroad in life, to guiding me on new business ventures, creating a business plan and clarifying what’s out there waiting me - Kassia’s insights have been the key to being able to understand and honor my Dharma - my life’s calling. I know I will be reaching out to her for assistance again in the future when my minds obstructions inevitably clutter my ability to clearly think, see, and feel. Thank you Kassia for all that you do!

Gina Vincent

Kassia is a God send. 

I knew I had a calling and finally began my journey as an entrepreneur. I created my business based on the journey I have taken as my husband, a double organ transplantee’s, caregiver.  I was the mother of two at the time; our adopted daughter was two years old and our son was in kindergarten. It was a rough time. With him health wise, kids growing. I began the business.  After nearly a year of feeling close to success but knowing something was missing or “off.”  I began to pray for insight. I could feel it in my heart and in my bones that I was very close  but also very stock. While on vacation, with my now healthy husband, we had the delight, or kismet,  moment of meeting Kassia. Immediately, I knew I needed to work with her. I could feel her bright energy radiating towards me. I needed to know what she does and immediately sign up.


Upon my arrival back home, I began my work with Kassia. It was life-changing. Not just for me, my business but my husband and our marriage.  How cool is that?! Within the first four hours, I was such a straight everything began to make sense. I went back to my business plan made the minor tweaks that were necessary and off I went. I continue to work with her because she is brilliant. Believe me, I have worked with many enlightened souls.  I can truly tell you her gifts are beyond belief. And I praise her for having the courage to follow her calling. Immediately my road blocks were removed and I was able to quickly bring my business plan out into the world. This was in less than two weeks of meeting and beginning work with her. 


She is a keeper. I will work with her for the rest my life. Kassia you are a true blessing!

Lisa R.

Organic Chef and Entrepreneur

Kassia has a rare gift of "sight". I have had a few sessions with her and she has shared her insights with me in order to help me with the clarity I was seeking. Sometimes it's not always fun or comfortable dealing with personal issues, but Kassia has the knack of passing along energies and information with a high degree of light and love! Her light and love help to make it all a bit more bearable!

Paula Rocha


In my session with Kassia she brought informations that were very clarifying to me. I read so many testimonials about how soul revealing that experience could be, but couldn’t understand until I had my own. She helped me to connect and understand so many essentials things that the only thing left to say is thank you for sharing your gift with the world.

M. S., M.A.

Working with Kassia is a soul-revealing experience. She has this keen ability to clear away all the of the mind smog, mental chattering, social conditioning, fears and traumas that get in the way of hearing of our intuition, inner knowing, and soul desires that take us along our own path and blueprint. She has a way of showing that all of our most-coveted answers are locked inside of us, and that we have the key, that we had it all along but just misplaced it in different places or with the wrong people throughout our lives. She helps us retrieve the keys and then learn to hear and understand our soul's language so we can start following it and become one with it, and she does it in the most gentle loving way.  

Valerie M


I was introduced to Kassia amidst a seemingly endless “dark night of the soul”. I was heartbroken, dependent on others, broke, and directionless. Within six months of my first reading, I am confident I am on the path in alignment with my higher self.

My relationship to self, others, love, and money improved drastically. I am now happily employed, living independently, planning my career trajectory, dating kind and generous people, and in love with life again.

I could not have done this without Kassia (or maybe it would have taken many years). I experienced dramatic shifts once I acted on Kassia’s words, and I am in eternal gratitude to the accuracy and success of the guidance I received.


I have worked on breaking deeply rooted patterns for decades in psychotherapy, I traveled to the Amazon and studied with curanderos, but nothing helped and I felt lost until I started working with Kassia.

I can now envision a world more beautiful and delicious than what I thought was available to me. I am eternally grateful for her presence in my life and I highly recommend working with her.

Always looking forward to our next session, thank-you! 

Janina Restel


Kassia is so much more than a Conduite, there's just no proper description for it.


Many times and again I can see that the world is being re-shaped/re-formed in conversation with her. It reminds me of Harry Potter, when the walls move in the magician's internat. Newly shaped, magical, that’s her energy.


Perfectly transformed, to the positive, leaving one strong and free. Transforming, but somehow more. Simply wow!

Ashley Clark

Chief Executive Joyrider - The Joyride Collective

Connecting with Kassia, and her unparalleled intuitive gift, has been one of the most tremendous blessings of my life. I have worked with many different modalities, teachers, healers, etc. and I can truly say that no one has even come close to touching the depth of soul truth that Kassia tapped into immediately. She was able to help me shift a lifetime of others psychic baggage that had been dragging me down. My entire state of being lightened after just one session with Kassia! I was able to finally own MY truth and see clearly in way that I never have. I have recommended Kassia to five of the most powerful people in my life and each one has come back to me blown away, experiencing the same tremendous shifts, and thanking me for the introduction. I cannot recommend this woman enough. She is a gift to a world that is waking up, one by one.

Michele Capots

Mental Wellness Coach and Reiki Practitioner

I was asking for a sign when my path crossed with Kassia, as I am in the middle of a lot of change. She was a voice of reassurance that I am on the right path and that I need to trust the process. It couldn't have come at a better time.

Paul W.

Trainer/Consultant - Management and Organization Effectiveness

Dear Kassia, 

I have to admit that at first I was mildly skeptical that anyone could sense or somehow intuit anything that could be more than generalizations about another person. However, as you were highly recommended by someone I highly respect and who is quite possibly a bigger skeptic than me, I am really glad I contacting you. I have to say it was one of the best personal decisions I’ve made in many many years.

As you may already know and by way of background or context, I’m a University educated, recently retired management/organization effectiveness consultant (and coach). I worked in that field for over 35 years with assignments in Canada and the U.S. I am also a grateful father of 2 adult children, and grandfather of 4 super grandkids (3 boys and 1 firecracker girl).

I was married for 40 years. My wife died of breast cancer in 2009. I remarried in August of 2017. Like many, I’ve experienced some dark periods in my life but moreso many opportunities and reasons for gratitude and confidence.

I have to say Kassia, my initial skepticism disappeared almost immediately during our phone conversation. You clearly possess a very unique gift or intuitive capability. You discovered aspects of my values, elements of my deepest held beliefs that I have never mentioned to another person. Your discussion of what you were “seeing”, or sensing without any of what might be called leading comments from me throughout our phone conversation was then and continues to be truly amazing.


I am so glad I taped our discussion. The details help as I continue to reflect on your insights, especially your suggestion about my life path and how it is the right path for me. I’m at that stage of life now where I have the privilege of time and the interest for more personal introspection. It’s now more than ever a time to know how to best focus my time and energy, a time for calm and more deliberate, balanced and reflective action. Our phone meeting has been immensely helpful in understanding where I am now, where I want to take my life and who I want with me on this path. And for that I particularly appreciate and want to thank you for your time thoughtful insights.

I plan to contact you again.

Marcia Jones

Zuerich, Switzerland

Kassia have opened a door into my soul in which I have forgotten it existed. She helped me understand many aspects of my life and myself. After our session, I felt alive and able to see my surroundings more clearly. She is a blessed soul among us. On a tough day, I close my eyes and hear her voice telling me again all needed to hear. I highly recommend her!


After struggling with a mysterious recurring deep pelvic pain that eluded diagnosis for ten years, a friend referred me to Kassia.  With Kassia’s discerning insight and awareness, she helpfully imparted invaluable advice which resolved the pelvic pain episodes. Kassia's careful attention to my concerns and thoughtfulness and knowledge in her approach to providing a solution are greatly appreciated. Kassia is a miracle worker. 

J. Fawcett

Yoga Teacher

During my session with Kassia there was so much information and clarity delivered to me. She knew exactly what information I needed and how to best relay it to me.

There is a grounding and inspiration that comes from knowing you are working with someone so intuitive and tapped into the bigger energies of the world as well as your own individual cosmos.

Kassia was able to help me clear up a lot of misconceptions and misunderstandings surrounding my relationship with my father (who has crossed) which lifted so much weight. She was able to give insight into my work and future career path as well as the type of lifestyle that is best for me and how I can create that for myself.

It was an incredible session and I will be back for more. 




I approached Kassia at a time in my life when I was seeking answers on many levels and the soul reading I experienced was simply incredible. From the first sentence we connected! She accurately described everything about my character, why I was facing certain challenges in my life, what nutrition and medication suited me, through to my relationships with my family and ultimately a very heartfelt explanation of my soul purpose. Over two hours we explored many topics of importance in my life and everything about the reading resonated positively to me. I felt very humbled and privileged to have experienced this reading with Kassia. Kassia's delivery of the reading was always kind, insightful, intuitive, caring and at times funny. I have recommended Kassia to many friends and will be contacting her again. Nameste.

Cathleen L

President Cathleen L, LLC 

Kassia has the most amazing talent and ability to connect to information from above.  I work in the intuitive realm and use readings as an ability to inform me on directions to take throughout my life. She was one of the best I have been to.  I received a tremendous amount of information over the three hours I spent with her!  I left excited to explore more within my life and career.  I will continue to work with Kassia and appreciate her willingness to share the information she receives.

Sarah B.


I believe that every once in a while, we wish that someone could help guide us in times that seem difficult to navigate. I experienced one of those times not long ago and was recommended Kassia through a friend of a friend. I had no idea what to expect, and was honestly a tad skeptical. Those concerns were immediately assuaged once my session began.

I hadn’t known if I should prepare anything, so I ended up jotting down a few questions. Kassia already seemed to know what I needed without me having to ask a thing. Our session was so gratifying. It was wonderful to speak to someone who seemed to be able to see me and know me without us ever having met in person.

I would highly recommend Kassia to others (actually, I already have!). She is kind, patient, and extremely gifted. Truly a delight to speak with!

Desti Lynne

Let Kassia's beautiful gift open your eyes to your soul journey within. Kassia is a true and beautiful light to the world. Working with Kassia helped me to see through the eyes of my soul. Kassia is a true blessing. 

Michelle B.

School Counselor

Communicating with Kassia to set up a session was easy. Once we were speaking there was an overwhelming sense of peace and feeling like we already knew each other. I very much appreciated he insight and could feel the truth of what she was saying. Now I can't wait until my next session with her!

Marlee Sinclair

Thank you for your presence in my life, so deeply. You have changed my life and you guide me/are by my side constantly. I've never understood my life so clearly and I'm so unbelievably grateful, even for the moments like right now where it feels like more than I might be ready for. Thank you thank you. I love you so much ~ not only for what you have given me. I pray for you and with you and into you Kassia. So deeply and humbly.



I have been lucky enough to know Kassia as a friend for many years. I have always admired her open heart and tireless dedication to the spreading of love. In my session with her, she was clear and thoughtful and shared many insights to help me address issues concerning relationships, health and career. I regularly revisit the practical strategies and practices she recommended and continue to find them helpful.

C. FitzGibbon


Kassia helped me identify my life's purpose, which is no small feat since I've been doing introspective work for most of my adult life. Since then, everything has changed for me. I feel more comfortable in my own skin, and my life situation has become far more peaceful than it ever has been before. This has had a noticeable impact on me and on all those I come in contact with. I can't thank her enough!

Katherine L.


I was connected to Kassia through a friend at just the right time! I was experiencing many health problems and feeling completely stuck in my life. Kassia's guidance felt very pure, loving and was right on the mark. She was able to allow me to see behind the scenes of some difficult family relationships which allowed me to have more compassion and open up to a new dynamic. She also was able to help me get out of a constant PTSD response that has taken over my life recently. Since talking to her, I feel more clear, grounded and am excited about stepping into my future. Thank you!

Victoria Keen

Designer Biofield Tuning Practitioner

Our sessions touched me so deeply, reaching back into past lifetimes, you connected disparate pieces of myself I've only gotten glipses of. Our work together has helped me write and rewrite my own story and to become more empowered in my very soul, and to look at my textile and energy work with renewed vision and purpose. I will forever be grateful and changed by the sessions we have done together. Thank you !

Alexis Wittman

Kassia has the spiritual insight to observe and bring forth what is just below my own thoughts...allowing me to examine them openly. 

Flora Pessanha

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Kassia`s session was a very deep and important experience for me and it`s been helping me to reconnect with the best of myself and my purpose in this life time".
A help for my evolution all the way.

Dr. Christine L.

My reading with Kassia was life changing. She shared with me that the person I was newly getting to know was I fact my soul connection. She spent the next hour telling me things about this man I already knew and other things I would eventually discover. Her accuracy and her certainty in our connection is what gave us both the courage to dive in. We both had very recently left marriages and did not think we were ready for what we were feeling. We are now completely committed to one another and living in bliss every day. She continues to share her insights about our relationship that are exciting but on occasion, scare the crap out of us.
I'm not sure I would have trusted what was unfolding without her insight.  We now know that we are ready for whatever happens whether we think we are or not. Kassia's gift to intuit is remarkable and incredibly accurate.

Clementine Libre

CCRO, Santa Fe, NM

Kassia and I met by divine alignment at a large event that I was helping to produce. She noticed me nursing a calf injury as I'd been directed by a medical massage therapist and kindly asked me if she could make a suggestion. Her input was opposite of what I'd been told to do by the medical massage therapist, but I intuitively knew she was correct, and in embracing her suggestion, my calf was 80% healed within 24 hours allowing me to continue my duties at the event. I know this would have taken up to a week if not longer had I continued to treat the injury as I'd been initially consulted.


From there I was guided to ask Kassia for her input on some other health issues which I felt were connected to certain food sensitivities. Not only did she confirm everything that previous blood, hair, stool and urine testing had shown me through consultations with my very well known and amazing doctor, but she expanded on the causes helping me to understand why my body was having these reactions and giving me a beautiful overview of my own perfect alignment so that I could begin to direct my lifestyle with all this in mind and heart. I've lost weight, gained energy, improved my overall health, seen clearly the path to some major decisions in my life concerning my work, my living location, purchasing a car, relationships and overall well being. 

I am blessed by Kassia's presence and her genuine desire to help those in need who are ready to come back into alignment. I refer people to Kassia all of the time and have heard back wonderful results of their consultations and their new, highly aligned relationships with self whether regarding diet, exercise, relationships, finances, major decisions, etc. I am beyond blessed to have Kassia's guidance available to me as well as how her work has helped me to nurture my own intuition. I highly recommend that you connect with her if you are called to enjoying greater harmony and balance in your life in any area at all.

Caroline Cotto


Kassia has a beautiful and vibrant soul. She sees every part of your self, and explores the path to your destiny. She is patient, calm and understanding. Ever since I have worked with her, she has brought great light to my life. I continue to be at peace and follow my destiny. As artists, we question our faith, talent and direction. She has guided me to follow my voice and to continue to spread my art.


Kassia is a wonderful channeler - open, warm, clear, kind. She seemed to engage effortlessly with the beings with whom she was connecting, and offered a vivid and lively voice for them. Ten days later, I'm still processing my session with Kassia - it was so full and rich and layered. I recommend her highly!"  ~

Dawn Robertson

Harvard Law School

I highly recommend Kassia intuitive counseling! I met Kassia when she started her intuitive practice years ago and was amazed at her skills. I was reluctant at first as it was one of my first experiences with this practice though after several sessions with her, there was no denying that Kassia was taping into something and had very strong intuitive skills. Kassia provided me with guidance regarding relationships, my housing situation, nutrition and much more. She was able to discern things to a detail that I had never encountered before. In one session, during which she had her eyes closed, she asked me if there was a Cardinal outside and sure enough I look out the window and there was a beautiful red Cardinal in her tree. At one point, Kassia was able to describe the three apartments in detail that I was trying to decide between renting. Kassia is honest, loving and truly cares about her clients' overall well being.

Randy Hatton

President of Vibrant Vital Water LLC, and Project Clean Oceans, 501 3 C non-profit

Kassia has been a great blessing for me over the last couple of years. When I have come to a Crossroads in life, not sure which road to take, I've called upon her to assist me with Divine guidance. On every occasion she's guided me down the path of least resistance. 

I Am and will always be grateful  that Kassia is part of my life, supporting me on my life purpose.

Eva Pentenrieder

Once again I am in awe of how spot on your words have been for me...we have had the most peaceful, loving, genuine relationship since the birth of our child. My home and life feels more peaceful than it ever has.
You were so right that I didn't have to get it, or fully believe in it, I.just had to do it. The biggest shift and.growth in my life...
Your wisdom and example is priceless, Kassia.


Master Artium

Schon oft durfte ich erleben, wie Kassia an den Kreuzungen meines Lebens den höchsten und besten - meinen - Weg gesehen hat.
Wenn eine Situation schwierig war, hat sie mir eine völlig neue Sichtweise auf die Dinge gegeben. Eine, von der ich mehr als einmal dachte: "Das wäre so schön, wenn das stimmen könnte." Und das tat es tatsächlich! Immer.
Denn während sie in die Welt der Seelen eintaucht und ihre oft erstaunlichen und erlösenden Worte sagt, versetzt sie unsichtbar die eigenen inneren Wände. Mit unendlich viel Liebe. Das öffnet und verändert das jeweilige schwierige Thema grundlegend.
Deshalb ereignet sich schon während der Sitzung eine tiefgreifende Veränderung und scheinbar hoffnungslose und ausweglose Situationen sind plötzlich geöffnet, neu geordnet und klar.
Mit ihrem liebevollen Blick erkennt sie die allerbeste Version von mir.
Was ich tatsächlich bin mit meinem Platz in der Welt und im Universum hat sie mir gezeigt. Immer wieder. Selbstzweifel lösen sich nach einem Gespräch mit ihr wie von selbst auf.
Ohne ihre hellsichtige, weise, liebevolle und hingebungsvolle Begleitung wäre ich vermutlich immer noch auf einem Weg, den die Gesellschaft suggeriert und hätte keine Ahnung von meinem wahren Weg und wahren Wesen, das einfach nicht in das "Normale" Schema passt. So darf ich nun Schritt für Schritt mit ihrer Begleitung zu meiner tatsächlichen Seelenmission hier auf der Erde finden. Mein Leben ist dadurch jeden Tag mit noch mehr Freiheit, Erkenntnis und Erfüllung gesegnet.
DANKE aus tiefster Seele!"

Holly Pena

Kassia's intuitive abilities resonated so deeply in my heart with every word. We came to her for assistance with asking our daughter what name she would like to be called, as she spoke it I was immediately covered with goosebumps all over, I'd already felt it and simply needed her to speak it to know. She also shared other insights, encouraging me to follow what my heart had already told me was part of my life path, making unique children's clothes to share with the magical children coming into the world. Being able to speak in this way with the little girl who chose us as parents was a gift beyond measure and we are so thankful to Kassia for helping us connect in this way. Our children who are still pre-speech are given a voice through her!
Thank you again Kassia!
love and hugs ❤

Patrick McAndrew

Musician, Yoga Teacher, Actor, Educator

Kassia gave me sound advice about an important gig, including who to hire, and what to pay and be paid. Her intuition was absolutely right, and the promoter, audience, and band were all pleased with the outcome and look forward to working together again. She also gave me insight during the new stages of a relationship that has grown into a very happy message. Her wise, nurturing, caring, and open-minded personality are a gift to all who seek her out.


Kassia's readings are extraordinary.  They are clear, clean, and delivered with humility and grace.  I have had many readings over the years and hers stand out for their truthfulness.  I learned a great deal from my guides through Kassia.  I look forward to seeing her, and them, again.
~ Martha

Grace Lawrence

Doula, Midwife's Apprentice

I have had many varied experiences with intuitive readings, some good and some bad.  When Kassia first told me that she was doing intuitive guidance readings, I was intrigued and curious about what the experience would be like. During Kassia’s reading, I was blown away by her ability to connect with me as a client and give me spiritual insight into my life.  Not only did she make me feel at home in her beautiful healing space, but she was able to connect on a deep level and I left that experience feeling grateful, aware, and confident in her healing powers.  I recommend Kassia’s intuitive guidance readings with an unwavering sense of confidence.  She has real healing powers and her reading gave me so much clarity in what I am going through at this point in my life journey."


Curl Specialist, Educator

Kassia assisting me to connect to my little one (Inner Child) reminded me that I AM LOVE and I was able to hear and see this path that I am called to be on. From my little one to yours💗 . 

Ace Lodestone

Shaman, Guide, Healing Facilitator  

In the course of my life, I've met and have had the privilege to know many mediums, psychics, spiritual guides, and oracles.  Kassia is one of the rarest of facilitators.  She does not have an ounce of ego involved in the process, at all.  Her ability to remain completely clear and to not interfere is phenomenal.  

Kassia invited me to have a session, during which I received cryptic and highly symbolic messages ~ many of which would not make sense until months and years later.  More about that, in a moment.  The guidance that did make immediate sense helped me to actively prepare for an ordeal that otherwise would have utterly shattered me: the violent and heart-rending break-up of a relationship.  And not just ANY relationship, but one in which I had invested *everything*. A few months after the session with Kassia, I was stunned to recall words and phrases that had come through her as a warning to me of what, exactly, was going to transpire, as it *did* begin to transpire. My Beloved began to seemingly transform into someone I did not recognize, shortly after moving in with one another.  The very night we moved in together, actually.  The slow-motion avalanche of our dissolution brought me to my knees, but I survived it, thanks to the imagery and verbal guidance that came through Kassia.  I navigated what I now know was a "False Twin [flame] Transit", and in so doing, was then led to my true Love, my true partner, my long-waiting true Twin.  That true one and I are together now.

Sometimes, symbols, images, and words come through Kassia and they do not have a "Home".  They "ring true", but make no sense in the context of the now.  Several years after the session with her, I found myself in a situation where I had to make a choice to remain in a certain unhealthy, "stuck" situation or exit and find something better, healthier, more stable.  A visual had been given to me, Kassia offering it to me while both of us kind of shrugged, not knowing exactly how the guidance could or would manifest.  As I faced the choice before me, the imagery and guidance made absolute PERFECT sense and I laughed and laughed at how perfect it had been.  No-one could have figured it out, or guessed at its true meaning before the moment of its application arrived.  This, in my mind, is a testament to just how clear and pure Kassia is, as a conduite.  So many might be tempted to try to interpret the meaning of what comes through them, which could interfere with or distort the actual intended guidance.  Kassia delivers messages without any need to try to make sense of anything, supporting the dignity, empowerment, and sovereignty of all individuals who receive them from her.  

There are very few opportunities to meet this kind of integrity.  If you have the opportunity to sit with Kassia, my advice is: take it!

Shay M.

Lifelong meditator under the guidance of Drunvalo Melchizedek.

Kassia Frihet is one of the clearest Channels I have ever encountered.

David Glass

Business Owner at David Glass Chocolates

I met Kassia and had one of her first sessions after my youngest son died. It felt like she was able to connect with him, which was my goal. I also gained more confidence that I could contact him in the spirit world. The quest is ongoing, and I am looking forward to a second session with Kassia whenever we are in the same town at the same time.

Valerie Irons

Sound Healer, Sanjali Kirtan

I was amazed with Kassia’s ability to reach into my life and know the areas that needed attention and assistance.  She was able to give me concrete steps to help me take things to the next level.  Her insight has proven to be invaluable.   In addition to her practical guidance, she also tapped in spiritually and shed some light on several past lives and some soul connections, allowing me to understand more aspects of my current life.  Kassia sees the deep yearnings of my soul and is helping me to create my most magnificent life.  Her heart is pure and she is very clear in her process.  I very highly recommend her sessions.  You will be amazed.

Vivie Glass

Artisan Baker

From the moment Kassia walked through our doorway, I felt her overwhelming compassion and love for all human beings. My husband and I had recently lost our 21 year old son. We were naturally grief stricken and Kassia gave us the tools to heal our sorrow. She taught us shamanic journeying techniques and gently answered our questions. I think of Kassia as the quintessential Earth Goddess. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Sam Jones

Kassia has helped me become more aware of my true inner self. Her ability to help me see the inner me, is an amazing ability. She was able to see where I was and use just the right perspective so I could understand what she wanted me to see. It has helped reveal parts of myself I was not in touch with. I can't wait to see her again! Thanks Kassia!


Amara Deviro

Medicine Woman, Word-Smith, Druid in Training

I met Kassia at a huge transition in my life with no idea who I was or where I was going (and not happy where I was coming from). Our conversations connected me to my core being, creating the avenue for my continued conversations with myself, my intuition and my inner healer. Her gentle grace supported me to be me with confidence.

Cristi Laux

Kassia is capable of connecting me with my guides in a way that is quick, clean, concise, compassionate, and sometimes very funny! She facilitates conversations with my higher self and spirit guides that take years off of my learning process, the counsel is life transforming. I have seen her 3 times now- each time a necessary step towards my freedom from old thought forms and outdated belief systems (both mine and our cultures)... and I still do the homework that I was given at the end of each reading! It still works, it is still pertinent, and it is still exactly what i need on my soul journey. If you are ready to make serious changes in your perception, to clean off the lense you see the world with, you could not find a better aid (and tour guide as you begin your new journey!) than Kassia.


Sedona, AZ

Kassia, thank you for helping me to build a bridge, a connection, a beautiful and intimate relationship with my inner child. I feel connected to my sweet inner energy more than before and the joy I feel when I make this contact is as blissful and delicious as I have imagined. The more is yet to come and your teaching is opening the doors for that inner revelation. Thank you! 😘

Sue Sullivan

Reiki Master, Certified Reflexologist, Wellness Coach, COTA

My introduction to Kassia for my first appointment was nothing less than profound and magnificent! Kassia is an amazing intuitive on a Universal level as well as a personal level. She is a loving, compassionate and gifted Healer.


Over the years I have been told many things about myself from Intuitive people, that just did not resonate nor make sense to me. With the exception of a Native American woman, who was spot on in answering my questions. Then came Kassia....


She was able to "read me" energetically in the present moment and informed me of many lives past that made absolute sense to me!! Kassia confirmed many details that I knew about my present and past lives but filled in the aspects that felt  "missing" to me! I will be forever grateful to Kassia for helping remember who I am and why I'm here!


Lastly, Kassia solved an enormous medical mystery and guided me to practice self healing techniques that are now having a positive impact on my health and quality of life!


If you are feeling called to meet with Kassia, do not take it lightly!! Go to her for an amazing experience. I highly recommend Kassia to anyone who is ready and willing to know more about themselves and how to incorporate that valuable information in your life.



Kassia is a wonderful person to work with. She provides a safe place to help you discover your own uniqueness and gifts. Meeting with her has helped me to feel more at peace with myself, and more confident in my professional and personal endeavors. 


At a crossroads in my life, at a time in my late twenties when I was struggling with relationship/job uncertainty and serious family illness, a friend connected me with Kassia. Her wisdom, insight, and intuition were clarifying and transformational. If you are a young seeker, a person of any age taking a look inside and around you with new eyes, or simply looking for guidance — consider seeing Kassia. She is a deep listener, whose work is guided by perceptual frameworks like none I'd encountered before.

Adam Lodestone

Shaman, Counselor, Educator, LGBTQIA Activist and Advocate

My session with Kassia was profound.  Let me start by saying that Kassia and I are friends, and she has known me and been aware of the nuances of my journey for quite a while.  Even armed with all of that knowledge and information, the guidance that came through her was so far beyond... well, just... so far beyond.  I knew, when I sat down with her, that she would offer only authentic guidance, but I could feel the clean, clear energy of the messages streaming from her lips as she spoke. There was no taint, no influence, of her knowing of me in the words.  I've ever only experienced that once before, with a medium who detected the child who was to be my daughter, long before she was even actually conceived.  So, believe me when I tell you, Kassia is the purest sort of messenger.  

I am transgender, and have struggled at times with being a gay trans man and not being "seen".  I did not think that I would ever reconcile my being a yin man, who values nurturing others and who strives to live a gently devotional life, with the concept that I had to "pass" successfully in the world as a conventionally recognizable masculine presence in order to live a safe, fulfilling life. The tendency might have been to overcompensate with a hyper-masculinity.  I was moving in that direction, and yet, at the same time, felt the pain and dissonance of not being true to myself.  Prior to really arriving at a willingness to allow myself to accept that I needed to express my own truth and reality, regardless of how others would interpret me or think of me or feel about me, Kassia and I had our session.  

There were powerful images that came through Kassia:  she saw a figure in a kind of harem costume, a man dressed as a woman and treated by others as a woman in some kind of ceremony.  There were claws, belonging to a jaguar, slicing through this scene, and drums and then two male figures embracing, the scene shifting into a modern cityscape.  As I took in these messages, *I* began to receive images and guidance, as well. Both of us began to work in tandem, it seemed, the fragments of our guidance fitting together like puzzle pieces.  At the very end of that part of the session, she offered to me: "There is a room.  You are giving a speech or presentation.  i am hearing your words and seeing you standing at a podium, but what I am really focused on are the inside voices of people in the audience and what they are feeling, as they watch you, listen to you. They feel at home, more at Home, with a captial 'H', because of you. Not because of what you are *saying*, but because of YOU."  

That shifted everything for me.  

I saw then, that the most powerful thing I could offer to others, to society, would be my most authentic self. My skills, talents, intelligence, resourcefulness?  They would not mean a thing if I did not *show up*.  To offer others a way to relate to themselves in their greatest authenticity by virtue of embracing my own?  Yes.  That.  When I got it... really got it, my body felt electric with the affirmation.

In that same session, my creativity was addressed, and my sense of purpose.  I knew what I came here to help teach and facilitate, in a very broad sense, but I could not see how my gifts nor my knowing was going to translate into my life's "work" or how it would become a "career" or how it would support me.  Again, Kassia delivered, purely, what was needed most.  The problem became clear, as I heard the guidance that was offered: I was focused on the wrong thing.  I was thinking about "doing". Kassia provided the following guidance: "Your work is not to DO anything.  Your job, your fill-time job, is to BE.  The Universe will support your BEing.  Don't worry about how.  Don't make business plans. Don't follow any advice about how to be a successful this or that.  Just work at being you, and refining you, and putting you out there."  I heard, through my own channels of guidance: "Your livingness IS the Message", and I understood that, as crazy as it seemed, I could trust that I would be taken care of ~ exquisitely taken care of ~ for pursuing my own evolution and growth and creative expression and sharing that livingness with others.  

This IS how my life is now.  There is nothing I want for, and there is no fear in facing the day to day human passage.  A very particular kind of abundance ~ an abundance of responsiveness, on the part of the Universe ~ is given freely, always flowing.  I am immensely grateful to Kassia for helping me see that I had the choice to say "yes" to it!  

I feel blessed to have my own intutive channel open.  It is something that benefits me as much as it benefits others.  Kassia is, as an oracle and conduite, akin to the "healer's healer" or the "teacher's teacher'.  The vision that is afforded her, due to her clarity and humility and depth of devotion, far surpasses that of many an esteemed spiritual guide or Seer.  Please do seek her out.  The gifts you will receive are invaluable.

Brooke S.

California, USA

If you're considering working with a psychic, look no further, Kassia is it. Promise. Take it from someone who has seen at least a half dozen psychics and was so sorely disappointed that I decided this was going to be the last psychic I tried. I have now been working with her for well over a year and couldn't be happier with the results. I've never met anyone like her. Her only agenda, if she has one, is for you to be happy. However, she would never make false promises to get you there. There's no "you'll meet the man of your dreams this spring and he'll be a dashing Spanish salsa dancer". She tells you your next couple steps so you can have hope for the future and start to remember you have freedom and the ability to breathe. She's single-handedly responsible for giving me the strength to leave a life that was beating me down for the life I now have that is fully aimed at every one of my dreams. And whenever I start to doubt myself, she's the one who guides me back to the path of self-trust and self-love. I cannot recommend this woman enough. For your sake, please let her love you back to you.

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We are all just walking each other home. 
~ Ram Dass



I don’t know where to begin in describing my session with Kassia. Her balance of support, guidance, and offering the honest truth was exactly what I needed to hear for decades. She pushed me to think and process beyond where I was able to go in the past. Her approach and way she offered guidance helped me open my eyes to my true potential and choose myself for the first time in my life. I am forever grateful for the seeds of inspiration and clarity she helped me plant so I can ascend and achieve the life I truly deserve. If you are hesitant in scheduling a session don’t wait another moment. Your highest potential is waiting for you! 


Trauma Informed Mind-Body Practitioner

Healing Center and Yoga Experience Business Owner 

RYT 500 hr Yoga Practitioner


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