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Your Private Session

Image Design by my SoulSister Janina Restel

I am approaching each request for a Session individualized and I will tune in to see which out of the below offerings are in alignment with the need and desire of the client. We might have a  brief intake phone call or exchange a few questions per email.  


2h to 2h 30 min Phone Session - usually chosen for a first time Session - foundational and comprehensive, exploring many aspects of your life.

60min to 75min Phone Session - to explore one or two themes or questions


30 min Session for clients who have had at least one 60 min or 2h session within the last 3 months. 

Tarot Reading - 3 to 5 Card Spread for one simple question or theme

Tarot Reading - 10 to 12 Card Spread for a deeper insight into one or two themes or questions 

Tarot Reading will be sent per voice recording


Soul Essence Reading - a comprehensive overview of YOU.

You will learn more about yourself, getting to know yourself in higher and deeper ways. From this place you can create your life in profound ways.

I will pull from modalities such as Astrology, Numerology, Human Design, Tarot Cards, and such but will also look into past lives, planetary homes, childhood woundings and so on. Yet most importantly! I will use my gift of seeing/intuition to bring forth your Soul Essence Reading.


MentorshipPersonalized Session package - amount and time frame depends on individual need. 



My work as an Intuitive is rather unique, and sessions don't look like the typical question and answer session that you might find with other types of work like this. Questions don't want to be answered with a simple yes or no, for we are complex Souls, and even one question usually offers a lot of information to be revealed within this one question. 


For regular Sessions I love to take my clients on a journey of their soul's path, where when we arrive at the end, all questions have been answered, without the need to pose specific questions. I work with clients in all aspects of life, looking into all the themes that usually show up, such as relationship with self and others, vocation, your purpose here, childhood healing, location/relocating, abundance, end of life support, and so much more.

Sitting with me often feels like connecting with a best friend. Together, we will be moving through emotions, perhaps a few laughs and tears, some sharing, lots of letting go of what does not serve anymore; all in a safe nurturing space, where you are understood, seen, and loved unconditionally.

The difference between connecting with a good friend, seeking guidance through a life coach, and sitting with me, is that my information for you does not come through anything learned or acquired in life, nor through any filters of my own world view, but rather from the purest love energy, which some call God, others Great Spirit, Oneness, Higher Self, Goddess, or simply Love. I am able to see the fascinating Matrix Interweb, and with it, underlying dynamics, contracts, alignments, and your place in it all. My gift shows up in the truest sense of holistic work.  

We are all different vibrational souls, and when I sit with you I see your perfect alignment in all areas of your life. Bringing you back to your true essence, assisting in taking off layers that have been acquired throughout life, but aren't yours, and uncovering the perfection that you have been all along. There is a lot of un-teaching that transpires in my sessions, for we often pick up well meant teachings and acts that aren't in alignment with our unique energetic make-up, causing us to feel like we are "doing the work, but not really getting anywhere". My biggest joy is to witness the deep sighs of relief when we, together, let go of all that has never truly served, and introduce what is working for your special self. 

In your Session with me, you will receive straight forward, no-nonsense guidance, with tangible tools and a roadmap to take home with you, and with it, encouragement to move ahead with your life, optimistic, and renewed. The information that flows through me carries a transformative energy and I often hear that my clients, and their lived lives, are "not the same" after meeting with me. The most important thing is for me to send my clients off empowered, equipped - now recognizing, and through this able to follow their own inner guidance. 

I am looking forward to connecting with you deeper and higher. Please contact me for further questions or to book a session using the form provided on the "Schedule your Sessions" tab. I will love to hear from you. 


In addition to private session, I also work with Businesses small and large,

offer Workshops, and can be booked for Retreats

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