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Orienting towards...?

Disorienting times...

I wrote the below some time ago and feel it quite present lately again - in myself and also with many others, talking with friends, sessions with clients, reading people's posts.

Directions aren't always clear, until from one moment to another the next step becomes crystal clear again. Then back again to swimming in this fast moving river that takes us to yet unknown places until the next step shows up.

It isn't always easy to navigate the letting go of all we have known, to only see one or two stepping stones at a time and to mostly just swim in the currents of trust.

At times it is so disorienting, I feel lost for brief moments, and panic moves in. In those moments, the need for something to grab, something to hold on to, is overwhelming.

The need to find just one point of reference in this vastness of all-things-are-possible and no-thing-ness seems to be the only fix for the need of some reference point, for the need of being held somehow. Not easy...

Yet, in all of this, one constant keeps showing itself, and it's what I keep coming back to again and again.


In all of this not knowing anymore, it's the one thing I keep snuggling into. It is simply there, when needed, always with me, all around me, and at all times within me.

It's when I relax into that, the disorienting feeling falls away.

It is not an anchor, not something to hold onto, to grasp with both hands and all of our might.

That action itself would defeat the purpose of all there is.

It is sweetly there, meant to remind us of who we are when nothing and everything is experienced at once.

It is there to remind us that we are One with All, and simultaneously a perfect, singular expression of it all, at once.

We can struggle to stay afloat in this current of not knowing or we can let go, lay comfy on our backs, enjoy the sun on our skin during the day and the stars floating above us at night.

We are more held and taken care of as it might seem currently. There isn't much to orient oneself towards in a world who's future hasn't been written yet.

Align yourself with the one constant, the Universe, God, whichever you call it, for this is how you know your place in relation to all that is.

You are seen, you are cherished, you are loved.

Always and in all ways.

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