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Solar Eclipse - a different take

Solar Eclipse April 8th 2024

A different take

In 1999 I experienced a total Solar Eclipse in Germany.

An event I will never forget.

Eerie is the only word I have for it.

All goes still once the moon covers the sun.

It is a quiet that sends chill down your spine, if you truly listen to it.

I saw in videos that many people cheered and hollered during the 2017 West Coast total Eclipse.

If it is truly quiet all around, the feeling in the body is like nothing comparable to anything.

It rattles the Soul to the core.

Devoid of Light

Devoid of Love

Devoid of Source

I stood in the presence of people who have been devoid of Source/God/Love and it is quiet similar to that.

It isn't darkness; it is without Source energy, which is completely different.

It is a feeling, a soul understanding, a void that can not be explained, it has to be experienced.

I will do what many cultures do.

Stay at home, don't eat and drink (ingest/take in) during the pre/post and full on eclipse time, and sit with God/Source.

I think many people need to experience the feeling of the void of life force and am wishing that each one gets to have this experience without outer stimuli disturbance.

It changes you.

Once you get a glimpse of what it feels like to be without, you will never want to be without God/Source/Love.

Perhaps the ring of fire is the promise that we will never be without.

Blessed Eclipse experience - for this one, even if not in your viewing path, is felt around the globe.

PS, partial solar eclipses give you a glimpse but it is the total eclipse which brings the full on soul rattling experience I am talking about.


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