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Divine Appointments

I keep thinking about two words I've read today...

- Divine Appointments -

Often, people see daily encounters and experiences as coincidences.

"We happened to pass by each other, I happened to come across this incident."

It didn't "just" happen, it is all divinely orchestrated, up to the millisecond.

A well oiled Matrix machine, and your most perfect place in it.

Sadly, because many don't consciously realize that they just "showed" up to a Divine Appointment, they pass by the magic of those encounters, unaware what gift they hold, thinking it was just "coincidence".

People often ask me what they have to do to "find" this one person, the right place to live, the right job. They think they create it with the perfectly spoken intention, the positive thinking, the unwavering trust.

What is for you will not pass you, but it's all about timing, about the timing of the Divine Appointment. It is not about drawing something to you with the right words, or finding someone in the haystack of 7.5 billion people by yourself. Faith or not, what is meant to be part of your life, will be part of it. Having faith just makes it a bit easier to wait for it, for that Divine Appointment. But faith, and the correct words, and intentions aren't the magic to making "it" happen. The true skill is to learn to show up to what has already been predetermined. Those appointments, when they get closer, we get a nudge to be somewhere, to do something, to show up. Listen to that, even if it makes no sense. Go to the Grocery store across town, if that is where the pull is towards, even if it takes you 10 min longer to get there. Appointments, small and big wait for you. It could be that the Cashier needed YOUR smile. Perhaps you were the one, driving down a road, who was actually able to stop when the little boy ran after his ball. No one else but you. Maybe you, and only you, were able to sit next to the crying baby on the airplane, and hence the Universe assigned you THAT seat, on THAT specific flight.

Take it a step further, and see that even when you are not searching for something, it still has been placed in front of you, divinely so.

For only you can show up at the moment the way that moment needs it.

You see?!

If you see how it is all so well orchestrated, how the Universe knows you so well, and assigns you where only you can and need to be, the search is over. You will just simply want to know where and how to show up next. That's being in the flow.

With that, there are also so many gifts waiting for you, with each Divine Appointment. I think it bothers people to think that so much is predetermined. They want to have the power to have things when they choose to, not when its divinely perfect in the bigger picture, conducive for the inter-web of the collective. I think, though, that it is so much easier to trust the perfect timing of the delivery. The order has been placed way before when. No need to take care of that part. You will get what you need and desire in accordance to the highest good. It's so much more fun to relax into the flow, and then show up when the Divine Appointment calls you. Unpack those moments, and enjoy the gifts they hold.

As always, you can find me here to book a comprehensive, intuitive session with me.


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