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Since my move back to Sedona I have been asked quite a lot how Sedona is for me. It might be the search for people for their own perfect place, internally and externally, and so they wonder how others are doing with their move.

It takes courage to take the leap of faith, and moves often require quite a big leap. Moves aren't always about a physical house move. There are so many different types of actions, forward movements, shifts and changes the Universe asks us to take.

Maybe we ask others about their life changes and where they are with it, how they arrived, gauging the answer; through a positive outcome hoping for our own wings to unfold so we too can fly.

Can you imagine, your own life and choices can often give others the courage to step into their life more fully too! Does it matter if you landed on a fluffy cloud, and all is happy hunky dory, or if it was a rough landing? Not one bit. What matters is that you dared to leap. That is what people are really looking for, for your courage clears the path for others to step into theirs.

In regards to my Sedona landing, it is a new Sedona than the one I left in 2015. I love taking my time with exploring what it holds for me. A slower and gentler landing than the one in 2014. It is not a Sedona that asks me to move through healing, to unfold my purpose, to step even further into Service - that was my 2014 Sedona. The 2019 Sedona is simply a place to allow me to be. It asks me to be nothing less but that. That in itself is quite a calling btw. How much do I still withhold? Where am I not fully in my creation? What aspects are still dormant, not expressed in all of their beautiful colors?

In its all it is a place where all of my flower petals can unfold. Not one has to stay tucked in, each petal, all facets of my being are stretching themselves out into the open energies here. It is expansive and uncompromising. Ripe with creations, no more half way, but asking me to be all in now.

So, how I am doing being back in Sedona? I am doing me, you could say.

In its deepest and highest reality though, I am of course just the vessel, and the Universe, Spirit, God, Love, flows through me. It is not that I have withheld myself in the past, but rather I have withheld this God's Love, this Universe Creation. Even if it is just in bits and pieces, it is still a suppressing of that which wants to flow so freely.

It's more of a move about letting it all flow into this world, for in essence that is what it is about. That is the perfect place to be in. So, when people ask me if my move was the right choice, when they ask me how I am doing with it, I want to answer that I finally am at home, but not in a town that holds what I need and desire, but in a city within myself which courageously houses and expresses this beautiful God/Goddess Love and Creation. I wish nothing less but that for you! In that place, the Universe is unfolding all of its petals, and Creation is whole. That is where your wholeness resides.


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