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Karmic Freedom

No need to wait for the calendar year number to change to create change in our lives.

Perhaps not so much change anymore but rather journeying onwards on our beautiful soul path, now fully free from karmic bonds.

Yesterday I had such an illumination conversation with my friend Liya. How necessary it was to untangle karmic relationships by diving deep into those one last time so we don't have to dance in the same old embrace anymore.

That comfy old dance where each one knows their roles to play so well, a dynamic played out nearly the same in many life-times before, whirling and twirling with old familiar steps. You step this way and I respond that way. I move this way and you know your next part to play. Aeons of lifetimes of re-union to dance out the old and familiar and worn out play.

In parts perhaps even a story of Isis and Osiris, of underworlds and retrieval, and of the letting go of that age old story of saving what does not want to be saved. Maybe even a story of the dusk unwilling (but in reality unable) to join dawn, and dawn needing to let go of making dusk what it can never be, for each needs to stay where they belong - light and darkness, death and birth in their rightful places.

When there is no more dance to dance, no more dynamics to repeat and when the fractal is done replicating itself, a new pattern can emerge.

Romance, family, friends, community, our Collective at large - we are done with repeating old patterns.

What we want to create from this blank slate is ours to decide now.

Free we are!

Photo from some time ago in CA - where I felt free as a bird

***A short time after posting this I found out that my Dad in Germany passed on. My first thought was to delete this post and make one about him but maybe there is no coincide that this writing wanted to be out there today, intuitively and free flowing through my soul as usually, and it is about him too (of course it is) for our dance was not an easy one, although always so full of love.

Another post for my Dad tomorrow.

Be free now my Papa! I love you so much.

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