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New Year - here we come

Energy report 2022 and for the Year to come

Yesterday, on Christmas, I was blessed to spend the day at Breitenbush HotSprings- such a magical place.

The year to come - also such a magical place to step into.

Read on :).

I have been to Breitenbush three times and the third time was extra special. The big fire they had in 2020, and what a story of how they kept the lodge safe! Goosebumps. I see that there are many more guardians on the land now (not that there weren't any before!). Strong presence! Powerful presence just like this one who was close to the entrance of the HotSprings. He might look a little scary, imposing even, but I think he is great reminder for us to not shy away from our own powers, to not be afraid of our force of nature, our big and much needed presence in this world.

Breitenbush - a rest and retreat place in a year that was no Zuckerschlecken. A German expression meaning it was no picnic in the park - 'no sugar licking' is the literal translation. More like a crazy Rollercoaster ride of epic proportions.


It was an up and down year for so many, myself included. So much amazing goodness and also quite a few challenges.

An intense Rollercoaster ride of experiences.

Yet those challenges - somehow they showed up different this year than in years before. Although some brought me to my knees in its imagnitude (and I hear the same from friends and clients) they were welcomed as a grand healing of themes for once and for all.

Deep dives, and high flights.

Coupled with what 2020 and 2021 did to our nervous system - it feels in ways that we have come back from war. A big statement but when I share that with people there are tears. Tears of recognition of an energy experience that can't be explained with simple words.

What transpired was beyond taxing to our individual's and collective's nervous system. A rerouting, a rearranging, and then in 2022 a need to just take a breath, or many. Yet that isn't what this year brought to us. It made us breathless with adventures thrown at us. Not to forget though -many of those were amazing!

I have done quite a few 2023 Tarot Readings and am seeing one theme running through each reading.

Lots of big fat goodness!

Lots of changes too for many, but the kind of changes that are in the highest alignment with the person's soul path.

Also lots of stepping fully into the gifts that many brought here to Earth. Not just stepping into those gifts, the soul purpose, but also applying! them in this world. No more withholding, no more playing small.

I like what I see - it shapes up to be a year of autonomy, self expression, outer expression, standing in one's rightful place, balance in rest and activity, and a whole lot of creation. Organically moving through this new year - a new kind of harmony within and on the outer too - that's what I see.

From See-saw energy to strong currents in one directions.

Strong like the Guardian in the photo. Focused, concentrated goodness.

Sending magical energy from Breitenbush and then - off we go into 2023.


What does your year have in store? For Intuitive Sessions contact me at


PS, how many of you are accidentally writing 2023 for this year and 2024 for next year? I hear it from so many people and keep making the same mistake myself. I feel that there is something to that. Maybe we will just fly through 2023?

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