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Sessions - New Offers - New Bodies

First - will you take a look at us! New bodies!

A few days ago I visited a sacred place in NM, soaking up all of the goodness the land had to offer, putting in prayers for myself and for so many of you, and coming back into the world with a heart full of God and Goodness. The next day I sat at a Teahouse, reading while sipping some amazing Chinese Tea. When I looked down on my book page I saw something sparkling on my hand. Looking closer I realized that both of my hands, my arms and legs were shining and glowing and sparkling in the most magical ways. I have seen this phenomenon on small patches of my body before but nothing like what showed up yesterday, in such glory. All over my body - I just sat there in awe.

We are stepping full into our Crystaline Bodies! How amazing is that!

Rainbow Bodies

Carbon to Crystalline

Our bodies becoming what our Souls have been all along

A magnificent Diamond!

I know how challenging the past months (and years) have been for so many of my friends, clients and client-friends, and neither has it been a walk in the park for myself.

Since 2020 we have been called to step into our autonomy, self governance, and inner authority, because from this place of empowerment we can co-create differently, with a sturdy foundation.

Being stronger within the Self strengthens the Collective in effect.

We all have been quite busy refining this new way of showing up.

We have done the work of strengthening our inner core and now we are called into a different way of co-creation.

Reliance on self - Alliance with others - Aligning with others while coming from a place of being aligned within oneself first and foremost.

I took a break from one-on-one sessions to realign myself; to tune in with how I can apply my gift of seeing and intuitive guidance in a way that empowers the Collective more. More.

My work has always been based on freeing people into themselves, and I still desire freedom for all of us, yet what is even more important now is how we can step into, and support each other, in our CREATIONS.

Co-creating and living in healthy interdependence means that we come from a place of sovereignty and share our gift and talents with each other empowered and authentic.

When self is aligned, tribe can reorient itself too, into well-Being.

__________________________________________________________________ Offerings

In this regard, my gifts of seeing and intuitive clarity are still here and the desire from people for this guidance is still here too. We are MORE by sharing our gifts and I am opening myself up again for more sessions, however, it will be in a different way than before and with an added offering.

In addition to one-on-one sessions I am also now offering Soul Essence Readings. In a nutshell, if we know and understand ourselves better we can apply ourselves more powerfully in this world.

A Soul Essence Reading is a comprehensive overview of YOU.

You will learn more about yourself, getting to know yourself in higher and deeper ways. From this place you can create your life in profound ways.

Just like in regular sessions, I am approaching each Soul Essence Reading as individual as the unique Souls that we all are.

I will pull from modalities such as Astrology, Numerology, Human Design, Tarot Cards, and such but will also look into past lives, planetary homes, childhood woundings and so on. Yet most importantly! I will use my gift of seeing/intuition to bring forth your Soul Essence Reading.

(Never a cookie cutter aproach even when using known modalities)

In addition:

I've had quite a few former clients reach out to me, desiring more one-on-one sessions the way I have done in the past 13 years, or wanting to send new clients my way.

I am approaching each request as individualized as I have done in the past, yet from here on out I will tune in to see which out of the below offerings are in alignment with the need and desire of the client.

Sessions will have an emphasis on self empowerment, on guiding you to your own answers, and to create autonomy for your forward movement.


Soul Essence Reading

We will meet, per phone, for an initial intake where I will ask a few intuitively guided questions.

For this reading I will need your date, time, and place of birth.

After this briefer, initial, phone call I will use the above mentioned modalities, but mostly my intuitive gift, to create a Soul Essence reading for you which will be recorded and sent to you per email.

A reading like this gives an overall view of oneself and does not answer questions deeply the way a one-on-one Session can.

I will use about 3 to 4 hours altogether to create a Soul Essence Reading and the voice recordings will be about 1 1/2h long.

A Soul Essence Reading can be a guide for your path ahead, to understand yourself deeper, to see where long standing dynamics might hold you back, what your creations could be here on Earth, etc. There are many possibilities in how each reading unfolds and I will only know once I "meet" you intuitively. I do know that it will carry empowering, uplifting, guiding, healing, supportive energies just the way the one-on-one sessions have in the past.

One-on-one Session

60 min to 75 min to explore one or two life themes

2h to 2 1/2h - this session is comprehensive and allows us to look into many aspects of your life. 30 min Session - for clients who have had at least one 60 min or 2h session within the last 3 months. These sessions are done over the phone or per whatsapp or zoom audio.

Tarot Reading

3 to 5 card spread for one simple question or one simple theme

10 card spread for a more comprehensive reading in regards to one theme

You will receive a photo of your spread and I will leave a detailed voice message for your Tarot Reading


Personalized Session package - amount and time frame depends on individual need Please contact me for more details


Please reach out to me for more information, to see which type of offering is in alignment with your desire and to book a session with me or or per text message if you already have my phone number.

As usual, I offer sliding scales if needed and upon request

Your referrals are always highly appreciated

May nothing hold you back anymore in shining your light and bringing your gifts.

The world needs you!

You are loved, always and in all ways!

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