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Solstice and 12/26 Portals

I wrote the below a few years ago. It feels just right for this upcoming New Year. The Solstice, the 12/26 Eclipse, all preparing us for a grand year to come, acting as portals and catalysts for our 2020 arrival.

So much going on in the world, and so many directions our attention wants to go to. Scattered this way, scattered that way. World events, personal events, pay attention to me!

What I have felt in the last weeks, is that we are called to be focused on our own creation, rather than being multi-minded on many things.

It is still important, but to a much smaller extend than usually, to pay attention to what is going on around us, and then to keep coming back to our one, single-minded life creation.

It's like a train on a train track, where our train, which carries our purpose, stops here and there, to drop off, to pick up, and then it keeps going, cho-cho, to its destination, eventually unloading its freight in the new world.

The old is pulling on us, not the new, and it seems to be so important to keep staying on our own track, destination in mind, even when we briefly need to stop here and there.

For the goods that you carry, are already eagerly anticipated in the New Year.

Don't get side tracked, stay on course, unload what isn't needed, only add what wants to come into the new, and hold on to your parcels and unique-to-you gifts.

Keep them as close to your heart as you can, until the time is right to unload, unfold, and to truly create in the new.

Your welcome committee is already waiting.

Blessed Solstice!

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