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Tarot Reading Offer because it's a New Year!

Hello beautiful Souls

In my meditation today I was shown something quite interesting. In Astrology we have 6 or 7 planets in retrograde movement. Things aren't flowing as easily and effortless as we might desire. They haven't since April. I won't go much into what else that really means for I am no Astrologer. Yet...

We are having many of those planets move forward again this months and into the next. What I was shown today is that this brings in a sense of a New Year, an energy of finally moving ahead again. Our creation, our work, our home life is finally expanding again, the flow is becoming easier and the energy is freely moving rather than trudging through molasses.

Many have worked so diligently but aren't seeing as many results as they should have looking at the work that has been put in. No energy is ever lost and what has been worked at is now lifting off, payoffs are coming, "more" is finally shown. For this reason I decided to offer pre-New Year's Tarot Readings, the same way I am offering them on a yearly basis. How exciting! There is so much to step into again and I hope that a New Year's Reading brings you all the tools to move on ahead with those new energies, all the way into March/April of next Year (that's the timeline shown to me for this Reading). My New Year's Tarot Readings are based on the Celtic Cross layout. No need to understand what that means. It is all explained in your Reading. You will receive a 10-card Tarot Spread accompanied with a 40 to 60 min in depth Voicemail Recording, send to you per email so you can access the information throughout the next months. Those Readings are quite time consuming and I only have a smaller amount of spots available so make sure to sign up soon. Email me for fees and to get more information at

Sending you All the biggest Love.


You can find out more about my work and to book my usual sessions with me here


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