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The Virus - All is in Perfect Order

What an overwhelming time we are in right now.

There is a lot of guidance that seems to help in navigating this scare, yet in essence it just keeps us in a fear loop.

May the below assist to calm down the system. As always the post is written intuitively.

The virus is real, and what it does to our inner (body) and outer (society) system is also real. Creating colorful shield bubbles around us and chanting mantras of protection and love and light is actually not what this virus wants of us.

To shield and to be in defense and protective mode is not the correct energy here. Remember, fear too creates shielding.

This collective experience is called to step into something quite interesting right now.

Let these words bring up some images for you:








Some of those words might seem challenging such as being confined and restrained. That energy feels restrictive and disempowering. This is one thing this experience is asking us to shift. More about that in a moment.

First though, picture yourself (or an item) folding into itself. Shoulders hunched forward, legs pulled up, head down, arms folded in. One could say that you are now protected, but change this word, this feeling, into being confined.

Feel the difference?

Everything about you is now confined (in positive ways!) in a smaller package.

There is a lot of power in having energy being constrained short term! in such a small package. When this power gets released, from the small into something big, it can propel forward in such a high and powerful speed, it could not do this without at first having the energy of containment.

Asking for guidance with this whole virus experience the beautiful Fern showed itself to me.

When I was a child I learned about how Fern pollinates. I was utterly fascinated by this process. Ferns produce spores on the back of their leaves. Those spores are super tightly packed with such potential. Only when the spore is mature are they ejected quite powerfully from their case and dispersed by the wind. The Fern spore and Corona Virus even look a little similar (if you see it through the lens of this perfect Universe).

The Fern itself is also tightly wound into a spiral.

This fern spiral is called a Koru (Māori for '"loop or coil). "It is an integral symbol in Māori art (...) where it symbolizes new life, growth, strength and peace. Its shape "conveys the idea of perpetual movement," while the inner coil "suggests returning to the point of origin." (

THIS is what is going on right now.

A much needed confinement, a curling up of our energies, a recoil, a pull back, before the Great Expansion. Constrain creates pressure. That pressure propels us into a 2020 and beyond with experience that we can't even fathom right now. It will be grand and we all get to be part of this new world creation. How awesome is this?

Can you see it!? It is actually such a beautiful process right now. We are ripe with potential, ripe with new seeds and a new growth like never before.

People keep saying that 2020 has already started off in most challenging ways. This is true. Yet the challenges are not pointing to a doom and gloom timeline. That is not what we are in. We are living in the timeline of creation and expansion. Do not forget that no matter what shows up around you.

Every challenge we are walking through is for this new world experience of creation and expansion not against it.

What are we asked to do right now?

Step into that energy of confining this beautiful potential. This personal powerhouse that is germinating in you, and this collective potency that is close to being mature, but not quite yet.

Embrace the restrictive energy that is being imposed onto us from the outer.

Don't fight it, but rather make it your own creation.

Understand that this is not a government anymore that is having power over us, but a new vibration of a world government that too plays into the expansive new timeline with all of its awesome creations.

Change your mindset of feeling disempowered into grasping how empowering all of this really is. Yes, we need!!! to stay at home more, much more. But we also get to be around our most loved ones. Create THAT.

Who is your most important inner nucleus right now? "Your People"? Stick with them.

What can you do at home that will create fertile ground for when those seeds get dispersed? Work on that. 

Dive deep now. There is much to be found in this much smaller perimeter of self.

The power of this virus is real. As is the potency it holds. See/acknowledge both and respond to both.

Some will get sick and some will die. That is a fact and no love and light bubble can change that. Know that you and everyone around you has a soul path. If this dis-ease is part of a needed experience for your soul you will get sick. If it is how your soul chose to go out in this lifetime, then so be it.

Think about the last two sentences deeply. Can you see how you have no control over how it unfolds for you, aside from the mentioned precautions in the media and creating a humid environment (see link at end). Your soul, and everyone else's soul chose a long time ago how it will want its experience here on Earth, and with it also how it leaves. Calm down your need to control your soul path, you only run yourself ragged. Curl up for a little while, become part of the universal flow of constraint and eventual release. Of holding your power close and eventually delivering it back out into the world when it is time.

In regards to a timeline, I see that by April 10th it is easing off, we slowly unwind, unfurl our leaves, stretch back out into the world. Timelines are mutable and this can change.

How so? It depends on us. What are we putting out into the world? Thoughts and wishes for this to go away quickly? That will stunt the natural process, yielding an incomplete outcome, one that would have to be revisited again.

Worried that this is the doom and gloom so many have prophesied? It will only prolong this experience unnecessary just so we get to have that worry experience.

The outcome is that the end of it is already written. We are in the golden timeline. How we walk it is up to us now. The apex, the highest part of this collective challenge and gift, how high it needs to go is up to us.

Prepare, yes, that is necessary, but please don't buy toilet paper for the whole year and for heaven's sake and mine, can you please leave a few boxes of GF pasta on the shelves ;)? We only need enough for a few short weeks, and won't even need all of that. The prep is not for when the world comes to an end, the prep is simply so we can stay at home more often. Prepare that way!

Lastly, and oh so important, do not buy into needing to be afraid of your fellow people. Smile from a little further away, air hug from that wider radius (those hugs are quite powerful btw because they come from a wider heart range), and internally thank each one for this awesome work we are all doing on an individual level right now. The work that, once each spore flies off into the world again, makes a new world grow in sweet togetherness.

Very lastly, we all needed this rest right now. People get to stay at home and often still get paid. The ones who are struggling with not making money right now, we will carry them through it. We got this. We are way more connected than we think. Better believe it. The reconnecting in closer proximities again will be the sweetest reunion, yet it will be different from all we have known. Once we get off this ride, we are entering a new way of connecting. That too was needed.

When you relax your system into the process the outer relaxes too.

Let us all breathe deeply into ourselves and soon enough we will together, in unison, breathe a big collective sigh of relief into this world again.

I love you all so so much!

Take good care of yourself and your loved ones. As always you can book a session with me here:

Mentioned article. Not about this virus but relevant nevertheless:

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