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We are not burning anymore

For some time now I have thought that the theme of prosecution and persecution, being burned at the stake, finding oneself at the mercy of a judgmental community, is done. Yet, lately, this theme has re-risen, to be looked at once more. For friends, for clients, and for myself as well.

If I show up in my work, who in my community will point their fingers at me, calling me a witch, crazy, fraud,...

This is what I hear:

I am working on my website, and feel like I am about to die. This makes no sense, but I can't shake the feeling.

I would love to have more clients, but at the same time, I will make sure to sabotage any growth. I am ready for all to know what I do, but I also recoil at that thought.

I hide my mission, my purpose, but hope the right people will find me. Doing my work, my purpose here feels empowered, but being seen in it feels nauseating, scary, like death.

I could go on and on.

The truth of the past, which most still carry in their cellular memory: I have to hide, in order to be able to fully apply my purpose.

If I am being found out, I will get tortured, and eventually killed. Hence I will not be able to fulfill what I came here to do.

If I am found out the crowd will drag me to my demise.

I can't trust my female friends fully, for at any time they might call me out on my work, to save themselves from the fire. Being on the side lines feels safe, but unfulfilled. Yet, as soon as I step into community I feel I am back in that ancient courtyard, dragged, laughed at, mocked, spit on, stoned, tortured, burned. Mission - (seemingly!) not accomplished. I think this theme is coming up once more in such a powerful way, to be burned away for good. We are asked to fully step into all that we are. Our community needs us, in our unique gifts, but most of us do not trust that, at this time, it is safe the be seen, to do our work fully in the open, and to even be thanked for it. That's new, and most rather still hide, self sabotage any growth, just to seemingly be safe.

Safety, now, is in community, not anymore in hiding.

Mission accomplished is now through community, not in hiding.

Isis came to me this morning again, to relay the message once more. We used to be on the fringes of society for hundreds of years, with each incarnation. Being misunderstood, put down, discredited was only a tiny fraction of our experiences. Dedicated to our mission, our work assignment here on Earth, we concentrated on what we were asked to do.

Death was not our concern.

Not finishing our mission was. It shaped us, the way we had to do our work, once religion rose up. Once church disempowered anyone who were revered in community.

There is much more to the story, part of the Manifesto I am writing. I have been working on it for a few years. The reason why it is not finished isn't because there is more to write, it is because I am deathly afraid to put such powerful insight out to the world. I, too am afraid, to be put once more on the stake, to have a whole community point their fingers at me, while chanting "burn her, burn this witch!" I, too, like so many of you, am asked to now trust that what we carry needs to be brought out to the open, for all to receive.

It used to serve our mission to go into hiding. Now hiding is doing a disservice to all that we came here to do.

We are withholding blueprints for the new world paradigm! There will be a few who are still operating from the old ways.

Those are not dark forces.

Those are often people in your own community, who received and believed the spiritual bypass teachings and are imposing the same onto you. Those are the ones who are still, sadly so, sabotaging our mission here. I will write more about that another time. For now, NOW, step fully into what you came here to do. We are at Round 2, you signed up for a whole new purpose.Thank you for being here, again. Just know, this is not the duality as you have known it. We are in a whole different vibrational experience, one that is more abundant, kinder, more compassionate. Most importantly it is one where you are not on the sidelines anymore, tirelessly doing your work. It is one of being wanted, needed, and being acknowledged. The world is saying: Come. Be amongst us. Thank you for all that you bring. Let's do work, co-creations, and then, let's also have fun. It is safe now. We love and we appreciate you, deeply, highly so. Hard to believe, after all we have experienced. Don't let the 3D world vibration color your 5D way of showing up.

Here is how Isis showed up for me a few years ago. Allow her to stand in a place you do not have to be in anymore. She frees you to do your work:

For all the women who have been burned at the stake, I have a message for you:

Last Spring, in Sedona, I've attended a Sweat-Lodge Ceremony. I was asked, as the feminine, to be a part of preparing the sweat-lodge from the outside, by putting layers upon layers of blankets over the lodge's structure. This labor in itself was a profound experience for me, covering a bare structure with blankets, so as little as possible of heat and smoke could escape the inside of the "womb".

Little did I know, in those hours of layers of layers of blankets being put over, that I was preparing for a collective and personal re-experience of being burned at the stake.

Inside, I was seated towards the back, the hottest part, and with the beautiful instructions of my then partner, I was determined to feel whatever might come, in its fullest extend.

Round one started, and excitement set in for me. Round two started, and ecstasy found me. Round three started, and I felt the extremely hot air in my lungs, seemingly burning me from the inside out, and sheer terror arose.

I remembered what my partner told me, and wanted to breathe through it, but here I was, dying in this tent, with visuals of being tied on a heap of wood, women left and right to me, and we were all burning from the inside out, inhaling the heat of the fire, which made us unable to breathe.

At this moment, I knew once more the horrendous death of being burned at the stake, and I understood why us women feel cut off in our throat chakra, for that was where death entered, and where no breath, no expression could come out.

I have PTSD from a horrible incident in my far away past, which had all to do with the masculine power over the feminine, and while sitting in the tent, I decided that I can either run out, or I can feel it all, to the extend that it wants to be felt. Walking through death, to know, I am still alive, I will always be coming out alive of things, no matter what.

And so I sat there, feeling my death, and with that, my vision shifted.

Isis appeared, and Isis told me, that she will stand on the stake for us, so we don't have to anymore. She told me to let other women know, the ones who are so afraid to speak their truth, the ones who are so afraid to live their purpose, to let all those millions of women know:

You have been burned on the stake, but I am standing here for you now. The world in parts is still one of wanting to diminish your truth, your mission, but I am here now, and you don't need to stand on your pile of death anymore.

As she stood there, tall, strong, with her head held high, arms out to the side, and with no way for the physical to touch her spirit, I knew I could leave the stake, I knew I could live, and talk, and breathe, and tell my truth now, and live my purpose now.

And so can you.

A week prior to that, we were putting in a medicine wheel, and we had a fire pit in the middle of the wheel. The Elder, who lead us into the creation of the medicine wheel, when he was ready to light the fire in the middle, he handed the matchbox to us three women, and he told us that the fire has been taken away from us, the feminine, but it is time for us to reclaim the fire, for it has belonged to us all along.

To heal your wounds, your fears of speaking up, and your fears of living your purpose, remember Isis standing on that Stake, not to be burned, but to transform it into your empowerment.

Light a candle each night, by using matches from a match box. With the stroke of the match, know that the creation is yours once more. Speak your truth into the candle fire. Feel your glow, know your light.

For we need you more than ever before to bring your unique purpose to this world.

Women, and the feminine at large, are being reinstated to their rightful place. On Mt. Shasta 8/19, I have been given a most important vision.

The feminine is not the root, the fire. We are the crown, the wisdom.

Not red and orange, fierce and powerful, but white and golden, gentle and empowered.

Our men are asked to be the fire now, the creation, the initiators, but that will be another post.

Be now, what has been you all along.

I love you so very much.

As always, you can find me here to book a session, or to simply hop on over to see what my work is about.

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