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The Zombies are here - or are

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There is a present theme on my fb newsfeed.

Many are challenged, it seems, and many are passing on/leaving this world, by their own hand or through other circumstances.

Robin and I are moving between time in towns and time out in nature. There is such a distinct difference between those two and it is not the "typical" difference one might imagine...concrete jungle vs. green habitat.

The difference lies in the nature of the Soul.

Nature still has its soul and its connection with Source. So do most people who we meet out there in the forest and meadows, waterfalls and hot springs. Yet, many in towns have lost theirs and the way this shows up is jarring, to say the least.

We see it maybe more than someone who is around it all the time, in the middle of that soulless soup (as someone named it somewhere online) because we experience one from the other in such contrast.

We have been in and out of Portland for a few weeks. A city that is deeply wounded in many ways and has challenged our system to the max.

Yet often the Universe sends light-souls to places that need it the most and that might be why we and YOU are exactly where we all are right now in these times.

We are living in the Apocalypse, the time we have talked about, and prepared for, and came here for (see the beautiful video I posted two days ago). It doesn’t look like what many imagined and that might fool some into thinking that nothing big and profound is happening in the story of life of humankind.

We are running two timelines parallel. One gets more dire by the minute, the other more expansive, more sustainable, becomes more the world many of us hope for.

You can read more about this in a previous post of mine (

One world is always felt by the other world for we are multidimensional beings.

We feel the ripple effects of everything that is going on on Planet Earth 1 and the disturbance in the energetic field of our world, Earth 2, is not easy to hold right now. It’s like trying to move through a landscape that is constantly shaken up by quakes. The feet are wobbly, one feels nauseous, disoriented and it is hard to hold on to one's vision, to our missions.

Not everyone is needed here on Earth 2 anymore. Saving souls, that work is done. That was all about who is coming with us to Earth 2. That was our original mission, coming here to Earth. Now we have a new mission. The wayshowing to this world, to Earth 2, the guiding to this new place, that is done. Some Earthlings did not want to come to this new place and stayed behind on Earth 1.

We are in a world on Earth 2 that is all about creation. Many non- Earthlings are now deciding to not take on a new mission here but rather to go home. This world, Earth 2, is smaller and doesn’t need all of us to be here. So many were needed when the big pilgrimage happened from one Earth to the other. Many from other Planets were called to come for this last hoorah, to gather and guide as many Earthling souls as possible over. With that work being done, it is hard to see so many leaving, going back to their Planets, but know that they are doing what their soul desires. There are many who are not signing up for a new mission on this Earth 2, but who rather want to have reunions with their loved ones, and do work at their original home place.

The word Apocalypse dates back to Greek roots, with apo- (meaning the prefix "un- '') and kaptein (meaning "cover") combining to form apokaluptein ("uncover, reveal").

To reveal, to uncover - so we can move forward free of Karma, free of old debri, of past life woundings and this life traumas.

It’s not an easy time but it is not an end of the world time. That happens on Earth #1, not here where we are. We want to move forward and create freely, unencumbered.

Some are truly left behind, for now, because their soul made a choice to not be here on this Planet of creation, but rather on Earth 1, wanting to experience whatever transpires there. Those experiences on Earth 1 bleed over, and as said before and also explained in my previous post, we do feel the ripple effects.

The ones who have lost their connection to Source, who seem soulless will find their way back again in due time, but not yet. All of this has been prophesied by many cultures all over the world. We ARE in the times of these prophecies.

Your work now is to stay in your consciousness on Earth 2 (again, read more here:, and to let go of trying to save what does not want to be saved.

Concentrate on creating and expanding on building this paradigm. Remove yourself from all that sucks your life force out of you, for the ones who have lost their connection with Source will seek it through you. Although they are on Earth 1, the bleed over makes it seem that they are on Earth 2, right here with you. There is a reason why the theme of a zombie apocalypse has been pushed on us. Movies becoming reality. Robin and I, and many others, we see the soulless eyes, the empty body. The disconnect from Source and life force, and the dire need to be fed by the ones who are still connected.

Because we have consciousness in more than one world, we can be fooled into believing that they are here with us when in reality our consciousness transports us to where they are. Be careful where your consciousness is, for that is where you have your experiences. You reside here on Earth 2 but consciousness and experiences for now can still flip flop between the two worlds until these two worlds will finally be pulled apart fully.

Surround yourself with the builders, the creators, the ones who say let’s get crackin, for our Earth 2 needs us on this big and wonderfilled construction side. Let’s not forget, we have only just begun here. It is noisy and dusty, and it rattles many to the core, as construction sides often do. Couple that with so many of our soul families going home, the goodbyes for now, then the consciousness that still fip fools and jarring Earth 1 experiences we have for a few seconds or minutes, the bleed over and ripple effect from all that transpires on Earth 1….whew, we are being put through the ringer big time.

This has been the Plan all along. Two worlds, individual soul’s choices, two very different experiences. Let go of controlling a world that doesn’t want your presence (Earth 1) and immerse yourself into the world that needs all of your gifts to become all it can ever be (Earth 2).

The future has been written for this pulling apart of two timelines, and we are actually in the backend of it. Come 2024 all will be much easier.

Yet, the future has not been written yet for how Earth #2 will look like. That is ours to create. Our visions and our work will bring a glorious world into being. You have been given a new mission and being here means you said wholeheartedly yes to it. We are called to stay steadfast in that new mission, now matter how much the world is shaking around us from the ripple effects of the experiences on Earth 1. This is what you have prepared for, this is what you came here for. Let’s do this.

I love you all so much.

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