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Global Energies

Many are asking me where we are heading globally right now.

The below is, as usually, written intuitively. I am getting a lot of questions from my wonderful clients, friends and client-friends asking if we are moving into WW3.

Simply stated, no we are not.

Where are we heading?

That's not even the question to ask.

Where you ARE, that's the important part.

From 2 years ago but relevant as ever.

Many are asking me where we are heading globally right now.

The below is, as usually, written intuitively.

I am getting a lot of questions from my wonderful clients, friends and client-friends asking if we are moving into WW3.

Simply stated, no we are not.

Yet, we are living in complex times and there are many layers to what is going on.

For one, and most importantly, we are not in the 3rd dimensional timeline, we are in the 5th. Whatever is transpiring in the 3D is felt by us but never fully lived out by us here. We only experience the ripple effects of everything that is playing out in the 3D.

I wrote about this before but as a reminder, to help to make sense out of this, here is an experience that I had some years ago which helps to explain the 3D/5D experience and the ripple effect I am talking about. To read more about the dimensions, to understand that there are two Planet Earths, and to make sense out of where you are located go here:

Some years ago I had a profound dream. Was it prophetic? Yes, but….!

I was placed in San Francisco looking at it from the outside in yet flying above it all in my soul body while also feeling it intimately like I was right there in the midst of it. I saw the Golden Gate Bridge breaking apart. MIllions of souls trying to hold onto dear life but perishing. The coast cracking and falling into the waters. Indescribable suffering.

Then I got pulled to Los Angeles. The coastline breaking off, falling into the waters, millions dying, millions more in great suffering.

Next I got pulled over the East Coast, right into New Year City. An Atomic Bomb explodes right in the middle of the city. Many dying right away, many more across state lines suffering greatly long term from the fall-out. Famine, hunger, diseases, looting, rioting… end of life as we’ve known it in all three of those places and the greater areas around.

It was a horrible dream and it felt real as can be. I had an early day session with a client that morning and I tried to prepare but could not shake the feelings of this dream. I spoke with my client on the phone, letting her know that I was not in the right mindset to do a session and hoped that we could reschedule.

I shared the dream with her and we were both deeply moved by it. After hanging up I went about my day until she called me back a few hours later: “Kassia, did you see the news?” “There were huge power outages, affecting thousands of people, in…get this! San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York City.”

This is when the Universe showed me the whole picture.

In the 3D, which is NOT where we are, my dream was reality.

In the 5D, which is where you reside now - on Planet Earth #2, we felt the ripple effects.

An inconvenience, with huge power outages, but not a full on war nor any natural disasters.

Picture throwing a stone into the waters. It makes circles, which ripple out into ever bigger but far less pronounced circles around the initial inner circle.

The 3rd circle from the inside is the 3rd Dimension. This is where Planet Earth #1 is. The 5th circle from the inside out is the 5th dimensional experience. This is where Planet Earth #2 is.

Again, read my above mentioned blog post if you want to understand more about why we have two Planet Earths (now - it wasn't always the case).

The Atomic bomb happened, the coast falling into the ocean happened, millions and millions of people dying - it happened, but only in the 3D on Planet Earth 1. The power outages - this was the felt ripple effect of what was happening in another dimension.

What is happening right now, and also what transpired with the virus, is far far worse in the 3D than here. I do not want to make small and insignificant what is transpiring here, but know - this is not WW3. Depending on how big the stone is, the experience playing out in the 3D, will determine how big and pronounced the 5D ripple is.

This is one part of explaining what is going on right now.

Here is something very important in all of this.

Where is your consciousness?

Are you living in your consciousness in the 3D doom and gloom timeline, the one that has a theme of destruction, dismantling, and huge upheaval?

Or are you placing your consciousness where you RESIDE?

In the 5D, which has a theme of creation, expansion, and building like never before?

We are multidimensional Souls.

Your consciousness can indeed be where your soul is not residing.

Then you would feel and believe like the world is coming to an end.

There are forces that want us to stay busy in our minds in that 3D belief. This way we won’t have the energy necessary to build and expand this glorious 5D. Misplaced consciousness can make you believe that your whole Soul resides in a place that hasn’t been yours in years now.


On to the next crucial knowing:

The 3D experience is a very black and white one.

Duality is its name and game. “Take sides, choose where you want to stand, be for and in effect against another.”

The 5D is still duality. Without duality we would not have experiences and our Souls yearn to experience themselves.

Without duality there would be nothingness and everything at once. Yet, it would have no name, no shape because as soon as we label it and have an image of it we are already in duality.

The 5D however is not as black and white, clear cut, harsh lines, such as the 3D.

It is calling us into acknowledging the gradings, the glorious shadings and different expressions of the ONE rather than choosing sides, standing on one platform and dismissing the other.

Here, in the 5D, there is no one against the other, there is no me and them. There is only us, expressed in various facets. Each one is as important and as beautiful as the next one.

We are called to ALLOW rather than to take a stand. “Taking one side , “choosing one”…it always means that we don’t choose the other, we dismiss one part of the whole. This is not called for anymore in the 5D. For here, we NEED every expression of the One. We always did, even in the 3D, but that’s a different subject and too far to get into right now.

So, what are you doing with your precious life here in the 5D?

Are you part of creating, building, expanding?

Or are you keeping your consciousness imprisoned in the 3D play, being busy being afraid and in that effect - restricted, confining and holding back your purpose here in the 5D and with it the whole expansion and creation of the 5D?

Big words, I know, but that is what it is.

Not choosing sides does not mean being neutral.

Neutral is standstill, neutral is non- creation.

It might be peaceful and quiet and can even look like someone who is all loving.

True love though is to see and acknowledge things simply (yes, it is very simple really) for what they are, to allow everything to be in its rightful place. Acknowledgement is not neutrality, nor passiveness. It is quite an active action.

Acknowledgement often means to inform oneself first so you know where what belongs.

Always move further, ask questions, look deeper red than what is being presented on the surface.

This does not mean that everyone needs to seek out all the right and true news, all the deep and high information. This is not everyone’s purpose. Matter of fact, it is only a smaller number of people who are asked to play that role. The record keepers, the truth speakers, the knowers of truth.

For most people their purpose is somewhere else.

Seek out the knowledge of what you are here for, what you came here to do, the information of who you are, before anything else.

Keep yourself busy with finding yourself out ever deeper, ever higher rather than being so busy with trying to find out a worldy truth.

We can’t acknowledge what is around us, we can’t place things into their rightful place if we haven’t found ours yet.

From acknowledging each thing simply for what it is, without the man made labels of good and bad, helpful and destructive, light and dark, etc. etc. we can then simply APPRECIATE.

Each thing, each person, each being plays a beautiful role here on Earth. We can’t always know what that role is. What seems mean might carry a gift of kindness, what seems helpful might actually be a much needed roadblock. Don’t ever trust the wrapping paper that a gift is wrapped in.

Appreciate without labeling. From there simply ALLOW.

It is not up to us to change what doesn’t want to be changed. If something wants to be changed IT. WILL. ASK.

Don't step in prematurely, although good-willed. Wait for the asking. That is spirituality, compassion, kindness and LOVE applied. For it acknowledges what is instead of making something else out of it.

Spiritual white washing is running rampant and does not serve anyone, for all things desire to be in THEIR full expression, desire to play THEIR role.

Allowing rather than trying to change the outcome into what one thinks SHOULD be is a great gift to give to the future. For the future already knows.

Allow it, allow it its knowing.

Appreciate - who doesn’t want to be appreciated in all that they sare. The good, the undesirable, the hidden gifts,the unseen. To appreciate someone or something in its wholeness without the need to understand its true purpose, that is the biggest gift of all.

Until then…

The Universe/God/Great Spirit/Love/Light/Goddess, whatever name you prefer, is telling us to get cracking.

There is so much work to be done in creating this 5D. It is still a total construction site. Each Soul is asked to step up and step in. To bring their unique expression, gifts and purpose here to the 5D.

Concentrate on the steps that have been placed in front of you. There is always a minimum of one step to take. Recognize those steps.

Ask: “What is right in front of me that I need to attend to?”

So many want to change the world and don’t realize that the Universe has placed the crucial step in front of them but because it doesn't look like the humanitarian great sounding spiritual step that one envions they keep searching for this big shiny one.

Your much needed divorce, your new union, your physical move, your studies, your conversation with a friend, your painting, your vision board, your new job, you getting up in the morning and making your bed, your healthy lunch, all of that is a big shiny step in the creation of this amazing 5D world.


There are no sides to be taken, there is no fight anymore (I know what it seems like and I do ACKNOWLEDGE the wars that are still going on - it plays out, its last stand…too much to go into here though), there is no me against anyone, there is no doom and gloom and the need to prepare for the worst.

Not here where you reside.

There is however a dire need for people to get busy with our collective future building.

With forward movement, with personal and collective projects and creations.

Covid was here to teach us many things. One thing was to shift us from a long standing, tired and worn out personal and collective dynamic into a “I know who I am and what I am here to do”, “I stand in my rightful place and through that allow everyone and everything to stand in theirs”. “Through that strength of individual empowerment, accountability and responsibility! I co-create with others”.

It’s a whole new way of going about life and co-creation.

We need more than one reset to fully step into that.

In Germany we have a saying: This will not be any sugar licking 😉.

It is not easy, it is not graceful, and it does not come without any ripple effects, without the waters to be disturbed.

Thinking that we are in the most amazing times of them all, is not true, yet oh so true at once.

A little less than 2 more years, sorry to say so. 2024 is the number and year to keep in mind as a goal post.

Straight and narrow like a horse with its blinders on.

Stay on that path.

Be in discernment with who and WHAT you allow in.

There is no time to dingle dangle around nor is there time and energy for us to spend on the unnecessary things. We have, after all, chosen the quick way to get there!

So, let’s do what we’ve set ourselves out to accomplish. We could have chosen the gentler, more drawn out timeline.

Personally, although it ain’t easy, I am glad we went with this one.

I love you all so much. Thank you for being on this, at times maddening, heart wrenching and even confusing, but always most loving and RIGHT journey with me.

Remember, the Universe knows what it's doing.


More about my work and to book your personal session with me at

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